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1st day management ........and...


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I was so excited, I chose a small salmon fillet which I poached in a little water with black pepper and a miniscule grind of sea salt. It smelt wonderful.

The first taste was awesome, I took small mouthfuls and chewed to savour the flavour, listened to my body and just before the last mouthful I felt full.

15 mins after, I felt so bloated, very burpy and I hate the way I feel now:cry:.

The way I feel right now is I wish I could stay on the packs forever, I feel very disappointed, I just dont want to feel all big and bloatery again and am not looking forward to tomorrow:sigh:.

Please tell me it will get better.
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It will get better!

I remember feeling bloated despite the relatively small meals. Your stomach just isn't used to solid food so it takes time to adapt. Don't worry.

You haven't had proper food in 8 weeks. Your tum is bound to react! As Goombagirl says - it'll get better. Be patient.


Poor you - how totally disappointing it must have been. I cannot say it will get easier as I am not there............YET. I am sure it will just like when you first start the plan and sometimes it is hard!

Best of luck with management - I am sure all will be ok



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aww thanks, the bloatyness lasted about 3hrs, I worked nightduty last night and probably helpd moving around.

Tonight I have a small chicken breast, lets hope tonight is more successful, am working again so the movement should help.

Hi Sun

I also had the burpy bloatedness the first few days - try not to worry too much it does get better within the first week. My poor digestion doesn't know what has hit it as I am now all bunged up if you know what I mean.... oh well, I am sure it will all sort itself out. In the meantime - unless you want to end up like me drink, drink and drink some more. I have had a major busy week at work and struggled with my water intake so I am sure that is the main cause of it!
When you introduce some greenery the bloatedness seems to get better though - not sure why but it did for me.
Good luck Sun
Hi Sun

How was last night's meal? How did the chiken go down?


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Hi Laura, Minnie

The chicken was much much better, although I still felt bloated afterwards I didnt feel nauseaous after eating.

Am looking forward to adding greenery and play around with some balsamic type dressings.

will let you know.

Just one thing I am terrifed to get on the scales, I cant bring myself to weigh myself because of the fear of gaining weight as I have been used to good weight losses each week.

Sun I think you HAVE to accept you WILL have a weight gain. Don't forget your glycogen stores will start replenishing again! Please do not be disheartened by this - think it happens to everyone!
Good luck with maintaining


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I have made a decision about this weekend long and hard and I have decided that I am going to have 1 small glass of dry white wine each evening with my meal but sayng that I will order at the same time a pint of soda water also a third glass which I can tip small amounts of the wine in and top up wih soda water so I can make it last me all evening.

I am not asking if its ok to do it, I know that alcohol is not allowed until the 5th week of management
but I just wanted to type it down and read it back to myself.

A word of warning for whenever you start drinking alcohol again - the first glass does have a huge effect as your body has very little tolerance for alcohol! I had been warned and had a tiny glass of wine but was still shocked by how soon it affected my senses! An interesting experience.

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