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1ST Day on lipotrim..


on the up lol
aww cmon hun, u might find a shake u like, it does get easyer and u will get use to them , good luck :)


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You'll be fine, we all hated the shakes when we started:eek: (and all felt like c**p for 4-6 days)
Stick it out and I GUARANTEE you that you will feel amazing, not be hungry and have a fab weight loss!
Drink at LEAST 3 litres of water, take paracetamol for the headaches, go to bed early, wrap up in a wumfy blanky and rest as much as poss til the ketosis fairy visits you.
Get on here if you feel bad. xx


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aww samera it really does get beter just be kind to yourself this week and come here so we can iron out any blips you feel threatening you x


Size 14 here i come!
Keep going you will be so pleased with yourself on your 1st WI. Take it one day at a time don't think of it as x amount of weeks it does make it easier!


Gonna be slim again
Keep going chick, you'll soon be licking the packet with the rest of us for sure. It gets much better, especially on weigh in day!!!
definately does get easier...the first couple of shakes are a bit yukky...but you soon get used to them, and you will start to look forward to having them...hang in there hun! :)


Im gonna do this..;-)
Keep goin if you can hun, its so worth it. I have just started my second wk on it and i feel great, goin for your first WI is such a big boost, the shakes are better with really chilled water aswell, x x:) stay strong, we are here for you x

starting tomoro. Have done this before and have retried so many times to get it together to lose this last stone or so. Have been binging since august so now i have good 30lb to lose. Tomoro it is!! Help everyone.

you guys are so supportive. i have tried it twice but have failed each time. and now am going to try it again tomorrow as i have read these comments and they have given me more inspiration. i had a meal with work tomorrow and have just text my manager to cancel the meal as im going on it again. Thanks guys ur soo brilliant.. I appreaciate it


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