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1st day on tfr plan, hate the shakes :(

Myself and my sister started our LT TFR plan today, both of us hate the shakes, keep getting little belches after trying to drink it without vomiting and i can still taste that horrible powdery taste yuk!!

Ive read a few tips about adding coffee n stuff ,,,, but i hate coffee and i dont like the shakes made into the mouse either :(

anyone else have this problem and found a solution?? Or has anyone not liked the shakes and tried the flapjacks??
If day 1 is this hard dunno how everyone has survived

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Always welcome new m8's!
Hey. My sister and i also started together and werent a fan of the shakes! we been doing it 2 weeks now...it is possible!

I had to force mine down the first couple of days by taking a gulp then necking water.

Now i love the chocolate! Always hated the chicken and vanilla but can drink the strawberry!

You will get through it but ur taste buds need to adjust too.

Keep at it, in my first week i lost 10lbs with ease!


I will do this!!!
We all hated the shakes at the start but now we all like then. Give it a week and they'll be your bestfriend!


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They definitely taste better the more you have them lol

But if you get a powdery taste left, try just brushing your teeth afterwards or gargling with mouthwash :)
Or even a listerine strip :)

It will get easier for you both.......... just read thru the LT forum and you will see the great losses, inspiration for you guys to keep it up :)


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I suggest making them up with more water then suggested. I hated them when they were thick, but could stomach them when they were thinner. Try with 10-12oz of water instead. They do get better hun. Stick with it.x


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Listen in another week your chocolate shake will nearly be as good as steak and chips! Trust me!
Using a blender should get rid of those little lumps. You will be amazed at how quickly you'll not only get used to them, but come to really like them! I could'nt stand coffee before, but I have a couple of cups of it a day1
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I hated them hun but now they taste nice. I still drink them down in 1 but they are ok, I do vary from week to week tho as to which is my favourite :)
I cant stomach chicken soup (altho thats all my hubby has & he loves it with chilli in it) & the flapjacks are just disgusting even after not eating for 2 weeks.
Good luck with it cos it is the best ever weight loss programme & you will get there
They do taste gross but I think the DVD said they weren't made to taste nice :/

I also add a lot more water than they suggest plus about half a tray of ice, the choc mousse I quite like tbh

Lissy xx
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i hate them too :( but i just gulp them down with shake in one hand and a pint of water in the other..... just think oftheweight you will lose :)
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more water is def better.. its easier to drink as the flavor kind of disapears. I also found that if u shake mix them.. (i just put the powder and water in a sports bottle and shake and shake for ages.. it tastes much better than if its blended... i dunno y.. trust me thou lol. And also the sports bottle cap helps cos it doesnt let the lumpy bits through. good luck xx


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Strawberry is okay, vanilla I would happily never even look at again, and chocolate blended with a tonne of ice makes a big thick milkshake that is disturbingly nice!

I get them down by thinking of them as medicine, which they are, in a way (medicine to treat my wobbliness! :p).


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Electric hand blender is the way to go. Dont know how anyone drinks shakes that have been hand mixed. Some one on here once said that being fat is an illness and we should just treat our shakes like medicine, something we need to take to make us better. Stick with it, the results are so worth it.
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The shakes don't tend to taste nice at first and someone told me if was coz of all the vitamins and minerals and that is all you taste to start with. I started just liking the strawberry and peanut flapjacks (they are an acquired taste - many more dislike tham than like them!! I like them) but now I love a vanilla as a latte in the morning and alternate between the strawberry and chocolate in the evening. They definitely taste better if they are well blended and I use 400ml of water in mine instead.

It does get better hun so hang in there.



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hi,defo use a hand blender or any blender for that matter, they make the drinks frothy and so much nicer. it will become a routine for you both dont worry!! drinking water will feel like its your ''food'' to keep you going and it keeps the headaches away too!!! :) :D:D:D

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