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1st day out the way!!

Hi Everyone,
Well as title says i got that horrible first day out the way..yey!
Not too bad to be honest but was starvin bout 8pm so took myself to bed for an hour then it passed, got up then and felt better.
Woke up with a little rumble in my tummy but once up feel ok. Tried the soup last nite....YUK! will stick to shakes i think.
Hows everyone gettin on, hope you all have a good day, big d hope ur 2nd day goes well.
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Morning Gracie, bet you're glad that yesterday is out of the way? For me it was the worst one and I actually gave up two days running after two shakes! Got stuck in on the third day though and this is day 15! Just off to get weighed......think that it'll be 4 pounds which will be good cos it's been a really sh8t week with loads of unpleasantries and plenty of opportunities to break the diet.

Stay strong babes, day two won't necessarily be any different to yesterday, most people will tell you that the first three days are the worst then ketosis starts to set in. If you haven't already got them, go to the chemist and get the sticks, I pee on one every morning (i know, too much info!) and seeing it change colour and confirming that I'm in ketosis helps to spur me on! Whatever works for you......
Thanks Sandra,
Will go get the sticks, thanks, never knew about them.
Good luck with ur weigh in, 8lbs first weigh was great!!!! Will look out to see how you get on.
Nicky xxxx

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Diabetics use them to measure for insulin, if your chemist doesn't have them, and some don't, you can get them easily enough on line.

Good luck for day two, keep yourself occupied! I'm just off to the gym, first time for several weeks as I was under doctor's orders to rest......going to take it easy anyway as not sure how much energy I'm actually going to have !
Hi Gracie,

Well done for getting the through the first day. It is by far the hardest day. Once ketosis kicks in those hunger pangs will start to ease, just keep drinking the water (it fills you up). Like Sandra said get the ketostix too. Good luck with you Lt journey, i will be on this forum quite often, so look forward to speaking to you.

Sandra yay for day 15 \o/ We are on the same day x
Thanks Kerry, just off to the gym and get weightd....when I finally put my iPad down that is! I get all spurred up reading peoples' posts that I spend far too long on here! I look forward to finding out how you got on later.

Good luck x

Ps just spotted that you lost 3.5lbs well done! Good luck for this week x
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either. Can't believe it's Wednesday and I ain't ate since Monday evening! Any tips for the killer breath for when it kicks in?
Well done gracie and Big D! Your pharmacist should be able to sell you some nuphar fresh breath strips and drinking plenty and brushing your teeth can help Big D :)
well done bigdaddy. You are allowed to have listerine original mouth wash to freshen your breath but thata all.
yeah I was told no to sugar free gum...there is a reason but I cant remember why. I was also told Listerine original was ONLY mouthwash i am allowed. don't worry bigdaddy, i am sure it wont hurt i think with both gum and mouthwash they have an ingredient that will make us hungry....of course i could be talking total tosh and i am sure someone with better knowledge know why!
I use Colgate Plax sensitive too and always have ......it hasn't made any difference to my weight loss and it certainly doesn't make me want to eat!

Got another confession whilst I'm at it.... I just can't drink the water without some form of flavouring....so I've used just a splash of low-calorie squash. I've checked my ketosis every morning and it's fine and the amount of carbs in the squash that I have been consuming is minimal. Oh and.......I had a diet coke at the weekend

There, I feel better now!
Hahah Sandra...you made me feel better!!! im gonna stick to my gum cause its not makin me hungry so cant be doin me any harm!!!
I love diet coke...didnt think i wud miss it quite so much!!
It was wonderful, not quite as fab as if it'd had a vodka in it but quite close! Everyone else was drinking champagne so I thought what the f¥¥¥ I am having a diet coke!

Apologies for bad language.....it was the diet that me swear!

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