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1st day today

Hi everyone and happy new year.

Well, it's my first day on the lipotrim programme and i think it's going ok. Started off with the vanilla shake, which wasn't to my taste, but it's getting the job done. I'm sure i'll find it harder when i am back at work on Monday but i'm just going to focus.

It'll be good to hear from you all, and share your journeys. And here is too a slimmer 2010 xx
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Size 14 here i come!
Hi Western, well done for choosing LT as i'm sure you have already read it is tough going at first but it is so worth it. First week is the hardest with the headaches etc but just keep on with the water it does help. You will be so happy you stuck with it after your first weigh in, trust me. Good luck and keep up the good work!
congratulations on managing your first day .. I am now on week 10 nearly and just dont know where the time has gone .. the first week is very hard for most people but if you push through it , it gets lots easier ( not easy but soo worth it !)
It really is an amazing diet and this forum is great to help you through and keep you motivated :) Hope to see you around ,
Katie :D


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Hi Weston

Good luck on LT....just keep drinking the water and after you get into ketosis it will be a bit easier.

Wishing you all the very best and here is to a slimmer you in 2010.


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Well done on getting through your first day. Just take it one day at a time and look forward to your first weigh in. The first two or three weeks are the hardest, but you'll get great losses so hopefully that will keep you motivated. You'll be amazed at how fast the weeks go by. You'll probably find that your tastes will change over time too, so keep trying the flavours (and the flapjacks) every few weeks.
Keep coming on this forum too - it really helps and you'll get great advice and encouragement.

Good luck

Just think of the shakes as medicine. They are medicine that will make you lose weight and be happier within yourself. Medicine doesn't always taste nice but it gets the job done ;) Stick it out and you'll be amazed by the results!
Hi, rainbow brite, that is a good way of looking at it, I'm just shoving the shakes down my throat without thinking, best way.
And dunlop, can i just say, from your photos, your looking great, just goes to show it is a quick and successful way of losing weight. I'll be looking forward to posting my before and after photos.

Thanks again for all your help peeps, your posts are really keeping me motivated and away from the fridge.

Good luck with all your weigh ins.
You'll do it hun. What i've been doing is looking at the before and after photo forum. Most of the people have been on lipotrim and they now look amazing. So everytime i feel like a twix or whatever, i know where to look,


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya and welcome!

Aaah I loved the vanilla shake! But its really really nice mixed in with peppermint tea.. yum :)
I loved the vanilla blended with ice, coffee and a sweetener................. ooooh Im actually craving one.... roll on Monday for start date!
coffee and ice, sounds good. How much coffee to u blend in with it? And i'll have to try the peppermint tea one. I take it, it is hot peppermint tea. Since i'm going to be pn lipotrim for a few months, then now is the time for trial and error lol
I add a teaspoon of coffee(depending on the strength of the coffee), a tablet sweetener and about 8 cubes of ice, then I top up to about 300mls before adding the shake mix.............delish Its like a frappe....yum.

I dont have sugar in coffee ever, so its a bit strange for me to add sweetner to the shake but it works for me. Try the smae with the chocolate one too... Or make astong cup of peppermint tea, allow to cool and make that with chocolate shake,,,,,,, mint aero iced chocolate.

BTW I really love my shakes made with ice. I even bought an extra blenda to take on placement!
Be careful with making the shakes with hot water - I tried a chocolate one thinking it would be a lovely warming drink but it is truly disgusting! I find the colder the water the better they taste.



Size 14 here i come!
Hi western hope thing are still going well! I have a picture of me at my biggest and one of me looking alot slimmer on my fridge door. Everytime i walk into the kitchen that's all i need to get another glass of water!!
If you want to make a shake hot, i read somewhere on here to make it up cold and heat it in microwave, haven't tried it yet as i did make it with hot water 1st time and as dunlop said it was awful!
Let us know if you try it and how you got on.:)


Size 14 here i come!
I've tried freezing the shakes, and that was quite nice, also making a kind of frozen cheesecake using the flapjack as a base (half for brekkie, half for tea later)
Can you freeze them? I was told that after making the shake you had to drink it in a certain time or all the nutrients and vits would be useless!?:confused: What have i missed out on! I'll be trying that out when i can actually get warm, it's feezing!!:gen125:
I've just tried the vanilla shake, coffee, sweetner with lots of ice and it was georgous. and believe it or not it filled me up as well. I had half a pint of water before and half a pint of water after. I feel more satisfying then having a regular bowl of cereal. This diet isn't too bad after all.

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