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1st day

Started CD today on SS – and have to say I’m blimmin’ starving! :D I’ve had a chocolate tetra for brekkie and a chicken/mushroom soup for lunch (both were gadgeous) and so far about 3 litres of water. Gonna have a shake for dinner not sure what flavour, and more water (feel like I’m turning into a washing machine, my stomach gurgles every time I move!!)

Feel really great that I’ve started, but I’m worried that I’ll ‘forget’ I’m on a diet! I nearly have already! My desk had some chocolates on that someone brought and I picked them up ready to eat one, but just remembered in time that I was on CD! What a donut! (mmmm donuts!) The guy I share an office with is being really sweet by asking me if it’s ok if he eats in front of me – bless – but the rest of my office think I’m starving myself and doing damage. I just keep telling them to watch this space! :party0011:

Anyway – can’t wait for ketosis to kick in so I’m not so hungry – day 3-4 hopefully right?

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Well done for starting, believe me the hunger thing just vanishes. Mine was in day too but 3-4 is the general idea. Its strange forgeting that you are on a diet, on my first day I picked up and ate a jelly baby and then had to spit it out all chewed up cos I remembered the diet! Good luck hon!
hehehe I am on day 2 - and put a spoonful of my babies porridge in my mouth this morning and then spat it out!!!

You do forget - I arrived in work at lunch and the first thing I do is eat (as I dont get chance first thing) - had to stop myself and remember CD!!

Good luck - I struggled yesterday - not too bad so far today - but working til 9.30 tonight and only had 2litres of water so far!!


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hi all, good luck with cd. I'm on my 13th week of SSing and last week I was in a cafe and put granulated sweetener in my earl grey without thinking! I just realised at the last minute and had to throw it out...lol. Imagine, being so stupid after 12 weeks in ketosis....so don't be hard on yourselves...it's easy to forget.


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Good luck and keep glugging down the water. Ignore all the sceptics at work there'll always be plenty of those around you, funny how they eat their words when you lose weight and don't actually die as they predict!


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Sharon , good luck to you and what a nice bloke he was to say that! Offer them chocs around so they are gone lol
thanks all. Well I've made it through the first day - and it didn't kill me. Who knew!

Got a headache, think I'm getting a cold, and I'm sooooo tired, so I'm off to bed - who cares if it's only 8pm! Would normally use all those excuses to eat, but not this time! ~Will stick with this to the end!



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Its my first day today too!

The tetra brik was LOVELY not so keen on the 2 shakes I've tried so far though.

I haven;t been hungry until now really. I am struggling with the water. I feel like I haven;t put my bottle down all day - yet I've only had 1 and a half litres so far. Well...must keep going I suppose!!
keep it up guys and wel done for getting successfully through the day it's 1 less day you're gonna be on the diet :-D
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Well done to both of you for getting through the first day, one day at a time is always best.


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