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1st day

well thats it my first day on ss over, i woke up feeling hungry which filled me with dread but i managed to get through the day quite easily but now im worried that its going to get really bad tommorrow as i have heard from friends that first day is ok, im hoping im the kind of person that finds ss quite ok (if those people exist) lol xx or is this lulling me into a false pretence !! watch this space lol
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hi im 8 days now and im not hungry
i think its because everything tastes so crap, i mean if i was allowed pie and chips im sure i could force it down lol but really after a few days you really do stop being hungry and if you disguise everything with pepper and pepper sauce its doable
good luck girl
liz xx
Well done for getting through day 1.

Just take one day at a time.. everyone is different.. but me personally, hasnt felt hungry at all.. you do think about food at times and it feels hard.. but it's not hunger.. more habbit!

Just keep your mind on your goal.. stay focused, stay strong.. keep telling yourself you can do this!!! :D

I am on day 8.. 1st weigh in, in the morning and i feel great.. stick with it.. you will too! :)
did you have any side effects this last week ? x im hoping this really is the diet for me and i find it quite EASY . god now i know something must be happening to my brain lol
Side effects.. what like...

I didnt get the headaches some people have.. i've been fine with the toilet side of things (sorry)

I have really sailed through to day 8 with no problems.. but like i said before everyone is different.. just stick with it.. it does get easier for us all.. they say the 1st week is the hardest.. im sure you'll be fine. :)
thanks for answering x good luck with your weight loss ! sounds like your gonna be disappearing lol well done let me know how weigh in goes


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Hi majola :)

Well done on getting day 1 over with!! :D

Everyone is different I think with this and you might not feel any particular side effects at all:).
I'm a week in now and the only thing that bothered me for a couple of nights was cramp in my calves. It eased though after a while.

Keep going and try not to stress and expect it to be hard ...xxx ;):D:D
Well done with getting past day 1. Its a great achievement!!!

I think i was one of the lucky ones. I never got hungry, though i'm only in my second week :)
Congratulations on eve starting..... many people start and don't make it to the end of the first day!!!

I'm on day 7...... first weigh in tomorrow morning. So far its been ok. Apart from day 4 I haven't really felt hungry and as someone else said its more of a case of habit rather than actually needing to eat.

I've had a few headaches but apart from that have had no other side effects. Have been sleeping well so thats been a bonus. One thing I've noticed is my sense of smell seems to be heightened so really notice when my family have had garlic... which seems to be all the time.

Keep yourself busy and you'll be fine. Looking forward to seeing your first weight loss posted on here next week.

Good luck x
thankyou all for your replies, i know what you mean about the sense of smell a colleague had a wholemeal sandwhich at work last night and it smelt lovely !!!! i feel like im pregnant peein all the time and smelling everything lol !
oh my god my worst fear is not losing a lot ! i would be so chuffed with that !!!! well done hun x i even had to ask my 8 yr old daughter to check the kids pasta as i might have been tempted to eat it ! lol well done again !!!!!
Hi, well I am on day 5 now and to tell the truth the first 2 days where the worst, It is better when you go into Ketosis, I have lost 1 stone already and I am struggling but wont give up now. I find since I stopped the soups it has helped, as they were vile I thought.
Good luck . Ruth
Thank you majola.. i am very pleased!!! :D

You stick with it.. and you too will have a great loss... keep me posted on how your doing.

And ruth... i agree with the soup thing! lol :)


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Hi, I am on day two and the headaches were kicking in this afternoon. This is the third time for me on CD. The first time I was very successful, the second I never got past day two and this time I am determined again. So, I am waiting for tomorrow when I know I won't feel too good. That's what has put me off from starting, not the hunger pangs - more the headaches I suffer from. Another side effect for me is tiredness, I am ALWAYS tired on CD. Nevermind, it's all worth it in the end.
Hi majola.. i restarted 10 days ago..and i was starving until day4. now I'm fine and u will be too. good luck.
my friend gave me one of her ketosis stix and this morning it was just dusty pink x yesterday afternoon i was so busy with the kids and housework etc by the time i was driving to work i felt like i had done an aerobic workout my arms and legs ached and were jelly ! x wish me luck for day 3 x

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