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1st go at Lipotrim

Hi all, ive been reading this forum over the past couple of days and its made me want to start on Lipotrim. So.........im off to the pharmacy tomorrow morning to kick off the weight lost!

Im really excited but really nervous at the same time. Ive tried a lot of diets over the years and had some good success over 4 weeks or so, then i hit a plateau and dont lose any for a good while. Ive been reading your posts and every one is raving about it so im giving it a go.

Just to let you all know, im 14 stone 2lbs at the moment and 5'5'' and obviouslt female. Ill keep you updated with my weight loss. The reason im going on the diet is ultimately to get healthier and lose weight, im going on a couple holiday in 11 weeks and the other girls are skinny minnies so i want to lose a bit to not feel so self concious. So fingers crossed!

I have 2 questions if you dont mind:
1. Can you see me loosing 2 stone plus in the 11 weeks?
2. Do i need to do any excercise while on LT?

Many thanks for taking your time out and reading about me, keep up the good work all, your all doing yourselves proud!
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welcome and good luck, yep you will lose 2 stone in 11 weeks easy and some, they dont reccomend exercise for the first couple of weeks then just take it easy


Says it as it is!!!
Hi and welcom k8!
Yes you can 2 stone in 8 weeks or less dependant on the individual...but LT state 1 stone per month...keep your water intake high and you will fly
Have your shakes and then 4 - 10 pints of water a day (4 is minimum)
You dont have to exercise on LT ..but would say definately do somw toning exercises so you have a lovely shape and firm muscles as well as your fantastic lighter body ... good luck for tomorrow and roll on your first WI xxx


Says it as it is!!!
FFT how do you always get there first lol xx
Secret ;-p x
Good luck with LT. I reckon you can easily lose 2 stone + before your holiday, but you must stick to the diet. The first week will be the hardest but you have a brilliant incentive to stick to it. Come on here whenever you need to and there will always be someone to help you.

Take care.



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Hello there and welcome to the forum. I've been using the forum for a couple of weeks and they're a great bunch on here. It's not just those of us in the midst of LT that are on here there are also some forumers with inspirational success stories! You should have no problem in losing at least 2 stone within your timescale. The key is not to cheat!
good luck you should loose 2st in 11 weeks easy, just remember to keep drinking that water! x
That should be no prob hun if you stick at it and dwink dwink dwink xxxxxxxxxxx
You will definately lose that in 11 weeks if you stick at it. I am 5'6" and start weight was 13.12 and I have lost 17lbs in 3 weeks. Just look at people's weight loss I would say you would lose that in 8 weeks max -good luck and let us know how you get on.
First day today, had a vanilla shake for breakfast that i found 'ok' then had another vanilla shake for lunch and i really struggled. Felt down all afternoon then, and was trying to stay positive but really struggled. I came home and tried a chicken soup with a bit of pepper and feel a lot more positive. It was alright to be honest - so looks like ill be having these more often. Thanks for all your kind posts, ill keep you updated daily.
..............and what about the water, how much you drinking?
Water, water everywhere - and we must drink the lot...
One of my first posts was to whinge about the amount of water and how hard I was finding it. I must tell you that I knock back litres of the stuff - still, sparkling,iced - you name it!!!!
I read that it helps the skin's elasticity - I hope that's true!!!
hi k8, i started 6 days ago, only have headache today and feeling a bit ruff but, my scales are saying good things..... perhaps I dont feel too bad after all, good luck
Hi, today is day 2 of lt and so far so good. my sisters freind lost 28ib in 3 weeks so you should have no problem loosing yours. I think every one likes diffrent things, i like the soup with lots of pepper but hated the vanilla shake, choc and strawberry are ok tho. I have to say im not sure how well I would have done without the people on this forum as they have been so supportive and given great info. hope that helps and good luck x
I must say if it wasnt for my boyfriend and the people on this forum i would have given in today. Its brilliant to have so much support off people that have been through it or going through it. Many thanks for your support
2nd day today and i feel a lot better. Dont feel so hungry and really looking forward to getting weighed! COME ON! lol!

Also managing a lot better with the water.
Well done k8, you're doing well.

I'm amazed at how much water I put away these days!!!!

Good luck for your first WI.


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