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1st week and half a stone down

Hi guys, i've not been here in the last few days as i've has my parents staying with me for a few days.......:eek:

Well, at my first weigh in i lost half a stone - which is not as much as some of you ladies lose in the first week, but i am very happy with that as that amount of weight would normally take me 5-6 weeks to lose!!

I know i should not do it, but i weigh myself everyday. I have noticed that for the last 3 days though i have remained at the same weight........is this normal after only 1 week of being on it??

I have been VERY strict, i have not cheated once (except 1 slice of ham on the 2nd day of LT), but since then, its been shakes all the way and 4 litres of water a day.

Any thoughts?

Thanks all.x.

Any thoughts?
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Morning SJ and well done on your first week over and first half-stone gone!

The reason some of us dont lose vast vast amounts in the first week can be either that we have not been carbing it up before starting LT, we have been drinking plenty of water prior to starting, or we have been dieting before starting. So we dont have as much water to lose as other people. Basically, its the water that bumps the figures up!

Dont worry about staying the same weight for several days - I was weighing nearly every day at the start and noticed that most of my weight I lose Sunday/Monday, before my weigh day on Tuesday! I would panic on Thursday Friday and Saturday as apparently I wasnt losing anything! But our bodies have minds of their own it seems! If you can get into the habit of weighing once a week its not so stressful :)
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I agree with Elle on the only weighing once a week. Its much more exciting (especially if you have been really good) to wait and it makes you feel really brilliant and gives you so much more motivation for the week ahead when you have had a lovely surprise! Try it for one week and see. You could put your scales in the roofspace or somewhere hard to reach for a week.
Yeah, i think i'm going to have to....i'm driving myself crazy doing it!

Its just that my husband is due home from work (he works overseas) in 10 days time (should of been tomorrow but got cancelled :sigh:) and i sooooo want to 'wow' him when he see's me!
Everytime he goes away, i am like.......yeah, i'm going to lose 2 stone while he is away...blah blah blah. So full of good intentions!
And then 2 weeks before he comes home i panic and starve myself, end up losing only 1 pound. Then when he is at home, i get all relaxed and comfy and end up putting 5lb on!!

I am determined to keep it off while he is at home!
Its so hard though as when he is at home, he is in holiday mode and we go out for lunch and dinner a lot. And i know thats where my problem is. I gotta stick to it!!

Anyway, i'm off to hand my scales to my neighbour!

S.x. :party0049:
Good Girl !! Look at it like you have another 10 days to lose the rest of that stone and honestly I bet he will notice! I have only lost a stone because I took a break in between VLCDs and people in work keep telling me that I have lost loads and look great! Im starting to think that i must have been a real monster before!!!! :) Im sure you wont put any back on because of all that catching up to do (wink wink) and you looking so hot !!
I actually am better if I weigh myself every day, otherwise I become complacent and start picking! Having said that, I havent had the gutts to step on the scales since last week, maybe that explains the oatcakes I had yesterday... hmm...
Well that just proves taht everyone is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another!! Oatcakes...........and she dosent want Elle and I to talk about our flavours on CD!! :)
I actually am better if I weigh myself every day, otherwise I become complacent and start picking! Having said that, I havent had the gutts to step on the scales since last week, maybe that explains the oatcakes I had yesterday... hmm...


That's all I'm going to say. LOL.


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He He LOL Elle....what are you like!!! I have to admit I still weigh myself every am...its a total addiction!!! I have to say it does change lots day to day but I days the scales dont move are the days I sooooooo determined...walking up stairs and carrying heavy files LOL to get burn the extra calories!!! Sales this am show me at 12st 11.....but not official till I weigh in on Saturday.....
12st 11lbs is brill. I was thinking the other day how nice it will be to look back at our journeys when we get to the end. It will seem so long ago that we started all this. I hope everyone has taken a pic of what they were before they started?


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I have one of me..which I hated but now like looking at just to see how different I am now....how bout you have to got a few to look back at....arent Elles amazing......not brave enough to post them yet.....


Back on the wagon!
Yip...that would describe all photos take of me in last 10 years....LOL!


Back on the wagon!
Bea I was just looking at your second target and you are going to make it no problem!! How great are you going to feel doing your presentation in London!!
Hope so.....planning to go shopping on the Saturday before I fly to London to buy something new....feeling much more confident about myself......which helps....thanks appreciate your post!!! :D

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