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  1. babycl

    babycl Member

    Morning all. So i completed my first week on SW and i lost 3 1/2 lbs! So pleased with it. I was "good" for the 2 weeks before i started SW and lost 2lbs so my total so far is 5 1/2 lbs. Got a feeling i may have to introduce exercise soon though :eek: (hate the thing!) Hope your all doing well and loosing the lbs too!
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  3. Roxy2013

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  4. babycl

    babycl Member

    Week 2 and I had a bad week. Well weekend actually. Went out Saturday night for a friends birthday for a meal and then also turned into drinks. And then went to a Chinese buffet on Sunday for mums birthday. So total this week is - 3/4 pound. Better than nothing I suppose. And made me want to have a good week this week.
  5. babycl

    babycl Member

    So week 3 and ive had a better week. I had a treat night Friday, and had kebab meat and salad (8 syns which is fine as id had no syns all day) but then i treated myself to cheesy chips! Had really missed those since i started to diet, so wanted to reward myself for hard work. On Saturday i went out with friends for lunch. We went to nandos and so i had grilled chicken breast with rice and peas. But then i had some carrot cake, but i was half good by only eating half of it. So this morning when i weighed myself i did wonder what it was going to say. 2 1/2 lbs! I was really pleased with this. Not too much more and my weight will begin with a whole new number which it hasnt since i had my first child 5 years ago. Heres to another good week!! (apart from the fact we are having a night away at the weekend for valentines which means a 3 course meal and wine!
  6. Queenietb1983

    Queenietb1983 Member

    Your doing great! I started in new year and lost 8lb in 2 weeks so proved to myself I can do it! THen had birthdays etc so went off track for couple weeks. Am now back and focused so fingers crossed reading people's posts on here will keep me motivated! I really hope so as want to be slim by summer! :)
  7. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    well done! thats fab!
  8. babycl

    babycl Member

    Week 4 weigh in. Well after eating a nandos including pudding, frankie and bennies, gregs sausage roll, white bread sandwich and crisps, 3 course meal and lots of chocolates and a bottle of wine over the last week - i've managed to put 1lb on. Personally, i thought it was going to be a lot worse....can't complain with all those naughty things and only 1lb. Back on it this week!

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