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1st weigh in girls and im over the moon yayyyyy

well i got to my first weigh in and ive lost 9lb :wow:cant believe it im so chuffed cant wait for next wekk now feel so happy im actually floating today feel like i can take on anything also my step mom did ever so well jojo she lost 71/2 lb well done you , you really have helped me stick it out last week i know now i can do it this week.
this weeks meals are strawberry for brekkie chic soup for lunch and choc shake for dinner and i did sample the flap jack and ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy G they are absolutely positively vile no way ozay ill stick with the 3 i have for now,
i also like blending my shakes with ice cubes and yum yum they really are nice and really filling. well anyway just thought id let you all no about my loss im really pleased :D:D:D:D:D
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whooo! well done :D:D


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Well done - what a fantastic start! Makes all the hunger pangs in the first few days worth it doesn't it :)
Well done to JoJo too. You're obviously doing a great job of keeping each other on the straight and narrow. You'll be sharing skinny jeans before you know it!
Well done Monique, makes the road to week 2 seem a little easier after such a fab weigh in for both.
whoop whoop...... we gonna be skinny B****** soon lol lol lol

Love ya x x x x:D

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2..
2. to lose a stone
3. to drop a dress size
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb was 13st 8.5lb now 13st 1lb
wk 2


That's really motivating for us other newbies :)
Totally brill results for the both of you!! Dont forget you can always come on here for inspiration, although its great you have each other to spur on!

Hi Girls Well done on your brilliant first weeks !!!! Once you have got this far you are over a major hurdle and next week the thought of your next weigh in will keep you going . keep the goal of smaller sizes and skinny you in mind if you are caught by the smell or sight of food . Remember its only a few weeks out of our lives and we all know how fast time flies these days. :)
that is so true Michillinwoman. Its a few weeks out of our lives.....I can say I've had a ball putting this weight on but it took along time to get to 13st 8.5lb. To know on this diet you can move it in just a few short weeks is brill. It's worth every weeeeee..(and I do alot) lol, every hunger pain and every down day to know that in just a few short weeks we will reach outr goals.
Sod weight watchers and there 1-2lb per week suffer it out and get fab results every week...........No disrespect intended to weight watcher ladies Just didn't do it me. x x

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2..
2. to lose a stone
3. to drop a dress size
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb was 13st 8.5lb now 13st 1lb
wk 2



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Wooo well done thats great!!! :D I'm with you on the flapjacks, i won't let one even touch my lips never mind pass them lol xx


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Awesome job :) that'll set you up for this week now, and then when you have your next weigh in, that'll motivate you even more hehe :D I'm happy for you :)


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Well done to you both on your losses.

It is such a buzz when you get your weigh-in and makes it worthwhile !

Good luck next week.
Well done ladies, i also had my first weigh in today and i lost 7lbs - whoop whoop!!!


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