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2-3 dress sizes from April - August Challenge

Hey all!

Just wanted to ask if this is a realistic goal?

I am a size 18 just now and want to be a 14/16 to go on holiday in August. My current weight is 14stone 9lbs and am cutting down on bad foods, eating more healthily etc. I lost 5lbs this week by eating less / moving more.

Has anyone any tips/suggestions. Has anyone been able to achieve this?


Kirsty xx
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I wrote out a whole long reply but my computer seems to have eaten it!!

I think if you continue to eat less, and move more, you will hit your goal in August :) just continue what your doing, and of course, you can get lots and lots of moral support on this forum .. xx
Aw cheers Kirsty lol. I have just coaxed my pal Jackie to come to a tums, bums and thighs class on a wednesday night. I was contemplating trying a spinning class but I don't think I could go myself and am probably not ready for something like that yet. Am going to the gym on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and once at the weekend, doing 40mins cardio and resistance training as well as sit ups, so hoping the btt class on a wed night will help as well...


Silver Member
3stonetogo, you are putting in loads of effort, really pleased for you. Remember is this the first time you've done exercise in a while - you need to take it carefully and build up to it...My OH and I bought about a year ago a cross trainer and on the instructions it told us that if we had not exercised for a long time (if ever in our case!) then you need to have rest days too.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing, you seem really motivated...keep going.

Cheers hchappyh, I have been going to the gym for nearly a year now (within the odd couple of months off) and am starting to get right back in to it, hopefully will pay off in the long term, my fitness levels since I started the gym last year are so much better, I can walk a distance without getting puffed out now which is good xx
Hi Kirsty, I'm in the same boat as you, but only have untill july before i go on my holiday. I have joined with go lower which is a low carb diet. The weight is coming off & also losing inches as well.If the weight loss continues i think it is realistic to reach my goal.
take care & wish you all the best.
Thanks clotty, keep in touch and let me know how you get on. Do you have a diary here? We can keep eachother motivated, we have similar goals xx
Hi Clotty, another Go Lower dieting on here - would be good to hear how your going. I've been doing Go Lower since end of Jan and so far nearly 3months off...really pleased.

3stonetogo, keep going and keep motivated, you are doing really well.

Good luck
Thanks all, well so far into my 2-3 dress sizes from now until august challenge I have lost 11lbs, which now averages out at about 1.5lbs a week to lose until my holiday in August which will leave me at 175lbs = 12.5 stone. Hopefully my mentality will stay the same up until then because I have been doing amazing. I just keep thinking about that goal, about me lying on the beach not worrying about people looking at me in disgust obviously I doubt I'll be ready to wear a bikini but I pair of shorts and a vest top would be nice not having to worry about those bingo wings and fat cellulitey thighs! lol will keep you posted... xx
Keep going 3stonetogo....keep loosing.

Have just found out that in 10 months time, my parents will look after the kids for a week so me and hubby can go on a much deserved and needed holiday in the sun....alone!!!!!!! Can't wait. My motivation is right up there with you. If you can do it in a few weeks, I can do it in 10 months and with Go Lower on my side, hopefully I can't fail.

Yeah that will give you massive motivation now. I have been looking on net for clothes on river island site etc and there are soo many clothes I want to buy for the hol, am going to order some when I get paid in a size 16 to motivate me to keep going.

STS this week which isn't great but will just have to do better this week eh lol

Kirsty xx
ooh look at these shoes I found on River island... The pink and white stripey ones..

River Island

I loove these shoes! can't wait to order them when I get paid!
That didnt work, oh well lol u go into footwear then pumps/plimsoles and theyr on page 3 at the bottom lol

i love this website for clothes, need to hurry and lose weight so i can start buying off here lol
good luck to you, I too would like to go down 2/3 dress sizes asap!!!!

keep us posted xx
Good luck Natalie! xx
3 sets 15 squats again this morning! lol I wish this weight loss would hurry up and show, really want to drop at least 1 dress size for holiday, maybe im being impatient....

Kirsty xx
3stonetogo.....we're all impatient to loose weight, and want to loose weight now! That is one of the reasons I like Go Lower so much. It promises that you loose a stone a month!! I was very sceptical about this, but since starting at the end of Jan, have lost a stone every month!!! Really pleased....and I feel the difference. Have loads more to loose, but am getting there.

Good luck with your loosing and your River Island shopping.

Well I have already started to see a bit of difference, my thighs are definately getting more toned and my arms smaller. Wore my jeans out yesterday and they were so loose on me, I would go as far to say that they are too big for me now. My work trousers are also getting slacker but I can't see a difference when I'm wearing my clothes, I can just feel it...
OMG! I just bought a size 14 white dress from peacocks as inspiration for me to lose weight for my holidays, but guess what... it actually fits just now! It is fine on apart from at the chest it is a bit small for my boobs! lol I am so chuffed!! xx

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