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2 course meal, anything you want!

If you could order ANY two courses (main and pud) at a restaurant, what on earth would you choose???

Today me and my lovely OH were offered the chance to attend the NewcastleGatesehead EAT! festival thing in a couple of weeks - every year they do something crazy and food related (eating in the dark last year - wierd!) and this year the lucky few who go along to the restaurant get to pre-order any two courses they want and a number of local professional chefs will cook it! Anything! anything in the world!

Now I find it hard enough to choose from an actual menu, so I had to think long and hard about it, but eventually choose lamb cutlets with new pots and seasonal veggies (very sw friendly!) and for pud a dark chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream (not so sw friendly, but i Luuuurve rich dark choc puds!)

So come on, if you go to do this, what would you choose.....?
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Main - mushroom and parmesan risotto with a side of seasonal salad veggies to break it down a little

Pudding - anything chocolatey, I'm not fussy :D


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I remember seeing something on TV about the eating in the dark thing, very strange! I think I would choose something like a risotto too! Probably pea and asparagus with salmon mmm.. and for pudding I would have to have sticky toffee pudding and custard! :)


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Dinner - Lobster, Crab, Monk Fish or Sea bass with all the trimmings etc......

Pudding - Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with thick fresh cream, or maybe ice cream...or maybe both!!!

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i will be slim
mine would have to be a nice big fat steak!!! mmmmmmmm i dont mind wot comes with it as long as there is a steak !!

and for pudding..i agree with everyone alse something chocolately rich and with cream....:p


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Scallops with lemon and ginger and served with peppers and noodles

Dessert - deep fried chocolate covered ice-cream! xxxxx
i,ve sat here for about five minutes and I just can't decide.I keep thinking of something else I could have. I'm not sure if I'm indecisive or just plain greedy!!lol:eat:
louisedan - i was just the same! I was googling everything from nigella's website, to death row meals for inspiration! (death row meals are all just hamburgers and milkshakes, nothing very inspiring there!)

It's really, really hard to decide isn't it? I'm sure when I'm there I'll wish I'd thought of what everyone else is having instead! x


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Main Chinese banquet
Pud Bread and butter pudding and cream :)


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ooh can i change my mind? *been thinking loads about this one*

my ultimate dream of a pudding would be a mountain (like loads) of Peanut butter flavour M&M's covered in Cookie Dough ben and jerry's ice cream *faints at the thought* I am so lucky these M&M's are only available in the US! (and at extortionate prices in the UK) they are my weakness!

my ultimate main would be proper lasagne, with chips and garlic bread (as it the only thing i cant cook sw friendly at home)
pud has got to be sticky toffee pudding with mr whippy ice cream

so as my b/f knows am a v cheap date lol


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Either a proper Fish Pie or Coquilles St Jacques, with a Raspberry and Hazelnut Pavlova for pudding.

xx :)

(If I could choose where too, I'd insist on Raymond Blanc's Manoir au Quatre Saisons and stay over too................oh I wish! ;)) xx
(If I could choose where too, I'd insist on Raymond Blanc's Manoir au Quatre Saisons and stay over too................oh I wish! ;)) xx

Oh me too and if I could have a few lessons from him I would be in heaven.

I would have a starter and a main as I am not so fond of puds.

Starter.......... fresh green asparagus with a cheese sauce.

Main............. rack of lamb with redcurrant and mint, new potaoes and peas........yummy !!!!

Sue xx
Ummmmm Duck with pancakes for main, and the biggest cheesecake I could manage, any flavour, all cheesecake is gooood (well cept for syns lol).... sigh
Oh my god I don't think I can decide. But right now I would love to have some seafood noodles from wagamama, complete with prawn toast and fried gyoza dumplings on the side. Then a melting middle chocolate pudding served with really good vanilla ice cream.
i think i would go for surf and turf, a nice rare rib eye steak with king prawns with proper chips and onion rings yummmy! getting hungry just thinking about it :) and deffo banoffee pie for pudding with chocolate sauce id be in heaven!

actually if anyone has a SW friendly banoffee pie recipe i would be most grateful?? :)


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Gosh my mouth is watering

Mains would have to be a fish stew with fresh bread and butter to mop up

Pud would have to be Nigellas nutella cake yum yum

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