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2 months till the wedding..can i lose some inches!?

Hi Everyone :),

I thought setting up something like this would be great for helping me get through the first day, first week and beyond!

My background of dieting.

I used to be a Slimming World 'healthy eater' as they say. I found the plan fab at the time, in total over 2 years up and down I lost 4.7 stone after starting around 19.7 and having no self confidence. I still keep a picture of myself on the fridge at my heaviest. Slimming World did help me change my life, it gave me a super amount of self belief and confidence. :)

I enjoyed my meals, enjoyed the plan, enjoyed my syns. It didn't give me much education in portion size but it took a lot of my weight off. Then around sept/oct 2010 I completely lost interest. I changed my group to see if that made a difference but it didn't. Now although I wasn't going off plan with slimming world to much I was no longer enjoying my food and maintained my weight for weeks, then slowly began to put on.

Because I had lost interest I left my group and tried to do something on my own. It was a bad decision as we were coming up to Christmas and I new I would start to comfort eat! It was pretty bad timing, some of my family still say to me "why did you leave, you were doing so well?" and to be honest I can't really answer. Something changed in my head and I was so bored of it at the time. I was also planning a wedding, had just ordered my wedding dress and you'd think it would spur me on to stick with it but i'd had enough it was just so samey and I needed to come off.

Then we come to now. I have put on 1.7stone in 3 months since leaving slimming world!
:eek: How embarrassing! I have a size 20 wedding dress that I know is uncomfortable and I must lose something before my wedding day at the end of April this year! I don't have long to go, just a couple of months but i'd like to lose some inches so my dress fits like a glove and is somewhat comfortable, i also want to feel less bloated and sluggish for our honeymoon! :cool:

I feel like I am coming to the party late.
:cry: I should have started Cambridge at the start of January and I know i'd be flying, but I kept hearing negatives about it all the time and it put me off. Looking back it was all hearsay.

I met up with my cdc yesterday and she is lovely. She only lives up the road. She explained everything and I've done a lot of reading online so feel clued up about what I am doing.

Seeing the stories on here is such an inspiration. I know i'm going to have to be 100% on SS if I am to see any results. I can do this!

So far today I have had the Apple & Cinnamon porridge which I actually enjoyed and found it filling. I had read that maybe adding a little more water makes it nicer so thats what I did. In about half an hour I will try a chocolate shake for the first time and then for tea I'm going to try a soup. I had my first ever black coffee this morning as well. My mother in law will laugh her head off when she finds out I have had a black coffee as me and hubby to be always used to say 'urgh, how can you drink that stuff without milk' - it wasn't to bad but don't think I'll be drinking lots of it!
:D I am a huge fan of green tea so have had a few cups of that.

I will say I have such a headache right now so will up my water. I don't think it helped that I had 3 slices of pizza last night as my "last supper" why didn't I think about the carbs!? :rolleyes:

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Well done on starting Cambridge! The first 10 days are the hardest but you sound like you have it all heading in the right direction! I'm sure you will be slimmer by your wedding! Congrats!
thank you lancsgirl :)

I had a Spicy tomato soup last night and added quite a bit of pepper to it, it was much nicer than I expected it to be.

I found my first night very difficult. I had my soup around 7pm and from then onwards I was very hungry. I tried to go to bed early but I couldn't sleep so got up, watched a film called 'Case 39' which kept my attention (quite scary :eek:) had a few cups of green tea and tried again. I had to drink another couple of pints to stop my stomach going loopy.

I woke up today with a pretty bad head so today I am going to try drinking a lot more water!

I have changed my minigoals slightly in my sig as I think just getting through the next 10 days 100% on SS are going to be tough! I hope with willpower I'm still going for it after 10 days! :)
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well so far so good, Day 2 now over and done with onto Day 3!

Tuesday went like this..

For 'breakfast' at around 12 I had a Cappuccino shake, how yummy!! This is a fave so far. I kept a bit back and put it in my coffee afterwards but I wasn't to keen on it that way.

I am trying to have my first packet at around 12pm so I can eat later in the evening and not be completely starving before bed, does that make sense? I don't know how i'd cope eating at say 8am and only having 3 packs, how do you do it, does the body just get used to it over the weeks? I keep myself going during these hours by green tea, lots of water and peppermint tea.

Then next at 5pm I had a Chocolate & Mint shake. I think I added to much water/ice which diluted it a bit to much, but made more. Will go for less next time. I still enjoyed it, have another one left so will try it again with less water later in the week.

I managed to hold out until 10pm and had my oriental soup. I like having the soup last it feels like a proper evening meal. At first I thought i'd put to much water in but infact I found it very strong so added a bit more. This is one I will definately be trying again, I didn't have to add anything to it because it was fine. I was pleased I ate late on because it meant I didn't go to bed starving. I will admit I almost had a lapse when I saw what hubby was eating for tea, it could have been a salad and I'd have wanted to jump on it lol. I held off and pictured myself in my dress. Bless him he's doing all his own cooking this week so I don't feel to tempted.

Today is Day 3, and apart from waking up with a pretty awful headache I feel ok now! As soon as I wake up I drink a couple of pints of water and the headache seems to go for a while. Funnily enough I wasn't to hungry this morning so haven't eaten my porridge yet. It's the original one, I'm not really looking forward to it but we will see.

I'm a bit worried about later on because I am out and about and have a few meetings. I just know I am going to get tummy rumbles! I have also put my mouth spray in my bag just incase!
Sounds like your doing well! I haven't tried the shakes cold with ice, might give it a go! Don't worry about the original, I had it this morning and it wasn't that bad! I actually preferred it to the apple and cinnamon I had yesterday!
Thanks :) I read something on here about adding ice to some shakes. I really want to try some of them hot but think i'll try them all cold first to see which ones i like.

So the Original porridge was not as bad as I expected it to be! I like adding a bit more water than the packet says and I think I prefer it this way. I still prefer the apple and cinnamon but it doesn't put me off, i'd get it again.

A few hours after my porridge I had some meetings. One of which was in costa coffee. I had a black coffee, It's really strange but we were in there for an hour and I didn't think about food once. I now realise the key to this is staying as busy as you possibly can. If you're in the house thinking about food then it's best to get out the house and go for a walk lol

I had the Chicken & Mushroom soup at around 8pm then had a strawberry shake at 10pm. All in all a good day!

Day 4.

Woke up with a slight headache but not as bad as yesterday.

Butterscotch shake - lush!! Need more of this! Have a Choc & Orange shake and the Potato & Leek soup for the rest of the night.

Do any other contact lense wearers find there eyes dryer in the mornings? I don't sleep in my contacts but wear them near enough all day. I know it sounds daft but the past two mornings I have woke up with really dry eyes, when I pop them back in and some drops it's fine but got me thinking, Could it be related to dehydration through the night? =/

Now today I have been worrying. Friday is normally our take out night, bottle of wine.. aghh. If I can get through tonight and the weekend I deserve a massive pat on the back! I can't remember the last weekend I went without wine :eek:
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Saturday dragged, I think it was the thought of 'we'd normally be going out for a meal tonight' or again, having lot's of wine! :p

Meals for Saturday were Apple & Cinnamon porridge, Tomato Soup and Banana shake. Must get some Tetras on Monday to make life easier! I'm slightly going off the tomato soup.

I have felt really cold and tired yesterday and today. Hope im not coming down with something. I also haven't been to the loo since Fri, might have to take something if no movement today! (sorry if tmi!)

On Friday night I had a dream hubbytobe came into the bedroom with a massive box of chocs and I started eating them. I felt so so guilty and sick I woke up sweating and thinking I'd messed it all up! :eek::eek:

I'm nearly though the weekend! Weigh in tomorrow at 3pm, haven't been on the scales so no idea if I have lost or not! :)
haha, I had one of those dreams too apart from it was that I made lots of cheese toasties then sat and ate them, then woke up in the morning panicking that I'd ruined the diet lol.. well done surviving first weekend :D, I was the same.. didnt know weekends could exsist without takeaways/meals out and wine! bt heyho, we managed! :)
Good luck with the weigh in!! xx
Weigh In Day

haha, I had one of those dreams too apart from it was that I made lots of cheese toasties then sat and ate them, then woke up in the morning panicking that I'd ruined the diet lol.. well done surviving first weekend :D, I was the same.. didnt know weekends could exsist without takeaways/meals out and wine! bt heyho, we managed! :)
Good luck with the weigh in!! xx

lol thats funny :D, the panic it gives you when you wake up is scary! lol I had another one last night, this time cheese on toast! :eek::eek:

Well I am back from weigh in with an 8lb loss :woohoo:Very pleased with that :D My CDC measures on the second week so will find out next week if i've lost inches!

I mentioned to my CDC we are going to get our injections & supply of malaria tablets for our honeymoon this week and it looks like I might have to start eating before my injections, and maybe eat when taking the malaria tablets? :confused: I'm not sure where I stand at the moment, she is going to investigate and get back to me. It's got me fretting because my motivation is high, i don't want to start putting on, i hope we can sort something out where I still lose? Guess we will wait and see...

Still buzzing from that loss, I'm telling you if I can do this, anyone can!
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Thanks, you're doing so well yourself!

It's been a while! Things are going ok, just plodding on with it really! My CDC said it would be best for me to eat something before having my injections so I had some tuna and a tiny bit of veg. It was really weird eating something my mouth felt horrendous for a while afterwards! Not sure if it will effect my weight loss this week, we will see. My arm is up like a pudding ATM from my injection.

I had my first night out last night and stuck to sparkling water, it's a different world for me lol I really do miss my wine and vodka and mixers!!!! Just keep telling myself this isn't forever!

New things I love are the maple and pecan porridge and toffee and walnut shakes! I could live off them. Been out and about so have tried the choc and strawberry tetras. Not so keen on them but they do the job and I find them very filling. I have the banana to try next.

Were away from home now for a few days and I'm finding it difficult explaining the plan to people. I hadn't told my mother in law I was on it and we walked into a cupcake display for us!! Hubby2be is taking my share lol but It's still hard for everyone to understand I can't eat anything. Going around to peoples houses is odd, I imagine they will all think I'm preggers, not like me to turn down a drink!

Well my motivation is high, been drinking lots of water so we will see what weigh in brings. Even if I stayed the same or gained 1lb I wouldn't be to sad, I really do feel fab at the moment and i love reading others experiences on here!


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Well done on your 8lb loss :)
That is absolutely brilliant xxx
well done you 8lbs is a really good loss:)xx
week 2 weigh in

thank you so much :)

I survived the weekend away from home. I even ventured into mcdonalds and sat with everyone having something to eat! I tried the bananna tetra then and this is my fave out of the 3 :) lovely.

Well my weightloss for week 2 was a fab 6lb! :happy036: I expected about 3lb if that. I have lost 2.5" from my waist, 1" hips, 1.5" bust, 0.5 arms and 0.5 thighs. It looks like the 1 day I did SS+ before my injections didn't have to much of an impact.

So that is 1 Stone in 2 weeks. I really can't believe it!

The Cambridge medical team took a good while to get back to my CDC after numerous phonecalls and emails. When they did get back to her I'd already had my injections, they were recommending that I should go up to 810 the day before injections and for the following week. Thankfully even though I have been on SS there has been no problems and I feel fine. :cool:

Tonight feels rather strange. :confused: I am really craving something to eat more than ever before. Maybe it's because when on Slimming World, after my weigh in we'd always have some sort of "treat" if i'd had a good loss!? I guess it's all psychological. I have thought about food a lot today so I hope these thoughts stop tomorrow.

I tried one of the Chocolate bars this morning, it's a bit like a fudge bar, it wasn't to bad. Looking forward to trying the crunchy ones.

I am now thinking about my 2 hen partys at the start of April and what to do regarding Cambridge. :party0016: I don't want to come off it completely but I want to let my hair down and eat and drink freely for those days. Guess this is something I need to sit down with CDC and discuss next time. Unfortunately it will be 2 weeks until my next weigh in as she's on holiday.

I have a dress fitting on Friday, Can't wait to try it on again it's been 3 months :D
well done on your loss thats brilliant.i have days where i cant stop thinking about food even though im not hungry think its just breaking the habbit.i try and have my soup when my lot are having dinner so at least im having something.:)


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A stone in 2 weeks is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! :-D
Well done xxx
Day 23

thanks girls :) I want to thank your posts but it's not letting me for some reason.

Day 23, Never thought i'd see the day!

I didn't get weighed Monday because CDC is on holiday. I did find a set of scales to weigh myself on and they were showing a 2lb loss. Not sure if they are accurate or not! I will just wait and see what my loss is next Monday.

I really could eat something proper and have had the "I just want to pack it in" thoughts over & over the past few days. I tried to make some sandwiches for h2be last night but had to hand it back to him because I was so close to grabbing a slice of bread and eating it! I also feel a really boring person. We haven't been going out and having a drink & nice meal, of course it's all worth it in the end and we have saved lots of pennies but I miss it.

I suppose I have to keep thinking what this is for. My only goal was to lose some weight and feel as comfortable and good as I could on my wedding day. If i'd kept going the way I was I'd probably be over 18 stone right now. I'm 1 week and 8 days away from our wedding. I have lots going on in between but if I can just stick at it a little while longer I'd be so happy and pleased with myself. :character00250:

I had my first wedding dress fitting on Friday. It did feel lovely to try it on again :angel09: I still need to lose just that little bit more weight for it, the beauty is that it's lace up so won't make to much difference on what I lose. I have noticed I do have awful back fat when it is done up though :eek: I have been advised to get to the gym and go on the rowing machine. Hopefully doing that will help, theres also a few exercises on the wii fit that are pretty good.

I'm still not sure what to do about my Hen nights! The first one is now on the 2nd of April and the next on the 16th April. Both will involve lots of drink and food. :party0049: What do I do!?!? I have the booklet for Step 2 and have been thinking maybe if I go on that the week before each hen night it will somehow keep me on track even if im having one night off?! I have visions of putting 3 stone on from these nights lol

I have been having some awful constipation and have had to pick up some dulcoease today in hope that might help. (I hope this is allowed on cambridge!) Is the fibre stuff we can get from cdc any good?

I really like the Peanut bar, Cranberry bar and today I tried the orange bar. I couldn't manage the orange one so cut it up into tiny bits and ate it throughout 1 hour. I tried the choc and orange shake warm and it was lush, the same with the choc & mint. It's like having a nice cup of options.

The dreams continue and last nights involved sipping on cocktails then the waiter came over and told me to stop doing that and handed me a bottle of sparkling water!! hehe madness. :zz:

I haven't been around to much lately but hope everyone is doing well. I'll go have a read through some other posts. I feel a bit out the loop because I'm not sure where I will be when I return from our 2 week honeymoon. I don't know if I could face returning to SS again. It's fine right now because I've been doing it a while but I can imagine it will be harder the 2nd time around. I suppose I will come to that when I return and just need to concentrate on now!!! :eek:
I have caved! :(

There was some precooked tikka chicken from asda hubytobe had bought for his sarnies in the fridge, and I took 1 little bit out and ate it. I don't know if it's boredom or what but I can't believe it! I knew what I was doing but I wanted it so bad I couldn't stop myself :eek:

I have no idea if this will take me out of ketosis, it was so small. I just couldn't resist, it was the smell :cry:
I had my weigh in on Monday and lost 4lbs for weeks 3 & 4. I am feeling okay with that. I think It's been that time of the month anyway (hard to know because I'm on cerazette) but have had those pms type feelings!

On Sunday night I went out with my family. They had starters, mains, drinks. I was so proud of myself at the time but it was difficult.

I really am starting to think of coming off early. I thought it would get easier but I am so bored of it. Not only that but me and hubby2be got into a huge row last night about it & it's made me feel so down :(

<deleted all this, me moaning about him lol>

I really feel it's time to either go up a step, or come off completely. Either way I'm scared to put weight back on in the 3.5 weeks left till the wedding.
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Well... I didn't give up!

After a sit down with hubby2be we talked through everything and he he is just frustrated because he misses us going out for meals & drinks! He's obviously happy I am on the diet because it's made me feel great and I am doing it for our wedding, he just misses the little things. Told him it's not forever..:p

I had my 5th weigh in today and have lost another 4lbs! It looks like last weeks 2 week weigh in was probably lower because of totm.

Have decided with my CDC to have a protein based meal thurs, fri and sat so I am able to drink on Saturday night for hen night #1. Going to stick to vodka :) Can't wait for it!

Lost 3.5" from my waist, 1" from my hips, 3/4" chest, arms the same, 1" from my thighs :)

Will get back on SS on Sunday and just see what happens at next weigh in. Not going to be down if I put on. Will then do the same pattern for hen night #2 and then come off it a few days before our wedding :love047:, and stay off until i return from 2 week honeymoon! No idea if I will return to Cambridge straight away or just have a break..but I want to keep updating this for now :)

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