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2 packs together?

My CDC said to try and spread them out.
I always put more water in the soup (about 15fl oz) and add some husks to thicken it up THEN have it in a lovely big bowl and eat with a spoon. Don't feel that i've had a meal if I just drink it!


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you can do that but you still have to count it into your 3 a day (or 4 a day, depending on what you've agreed with your CDC). hope that helps?x

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You can do that & it is fine, diff people like to have it in diff ways...some people have "traditional" eating times & others have their pack's all in the evening within an hour!

I remember having friends over & I did exactly what you are suggesting - a big bowl of soup whilst they all had their dinner & I followed it with choc mix-a-mousse whilst they had their pudding - I felt as if I was a real part of the meal rather than missing out.

Good luck
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a bit different everyday
thanx gals just had 1 pack soup but will def do that another day as i quite like the veg soup and a big bowl just seems to be appealing to me at the mo[hey at least its not a big mac!]
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I think it helps to 'make a meal' of it - sit down at table with bowl & spoon - I never have mine from a cup!
Icemoose went through a stage of having all three for an evening meal and he did well on that, they say space them at first so a, you dont get too hungry and b, you need to get rid of the vitamins. When you are settled is then its whatever is best for you!

One of my favs was to have a soup, with psilly husks if you have them or not if you dont! and make a mix a mouse, now mix a mouse is ace, you can get 2 bowls out of 1 shake easily, have a puddin after your soup!!!

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