2 porridge + 1 peanut bar....enough to keep me out of ketosis?

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  1. EmmaLouise81

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    I have lost just under 8 stone which is fabulous...I stuck to SS until January when I suddenly started to get hungry so went up to ss+ and had quorn in the evening.

    For some reason I fell out of ketosis and only lost 5 pounds last month.

    Now I do have other medical issues which I have been to the Dr's about and have had blood tests just to see what is going on.

    So I decided I am happy when in ketosis...food does not bother me and the weight is coming off.

    I still have about 2-3 stone to shift so am trying SS but still not in ketosis. First time round I went into ketosis in 3 days, but I am wondering if what I am having could stop it happening.

    On Sunday I had 2 soups and 1 porridge, Monday 2 porridge and 1 soup but yesterday I was finding it tough so had 2 porridge and 1 peanut bar.

    I have that horrible ketosis feeling mouth since yesterday but test is negative....just needed to ask if it is ok having 2 porridge and 1 bar...not sure I could cope going back to just soups and no way could I go back to shakes.

    Just feeling a little lost so any advice appreciated!
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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Some people seem to be a little more carb sensitive than others. Porridge is a little higher in carbs, and so are some of the bars.

    the peanut isn't though.

    Not sure why you had 5lbs in a month. Of course, 5lbs is great, but no doubt you were a bit disappointed as we all get on this diet when the results aren't fast.

    May not be to do with not being in ketosis though, as you should still lose well on that few calories.

    Don't worry about the test. Mine never showed a positive. Darn things are a nuisance.

    Well done for your fab loss to date. Bet you are feeling much better for it :)
  4. EmmaLouise81

    EmmaLouise81 Full Member

    Thanks Kd....for months I had the 2 porridge and 1 bar so assumed I was not carb sensitive but just wondered if it was more difficult getting into ketosis rather than staying in it.

    I know I should not have but I have been weighing myself and the scales have not shifted since my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago. Surely I should be losing something!?! Starting to get really fraustrating now.
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    Most importantly, well done on your fantastic weight loss1
  6. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    yes, it certainly can happen that way. Oh goodness, this must be really frustrating for you.

    I see that you're vegetarian, which makes things a tad harder if getting into ketosis is proving a problem.

    If you weren't a veggie, you could add chicken which is carb free, rather than quorn which is relatively high carb (compared to chicken anyway).

    I know some veggies eat fish. Do you? Again, it would be a way of getting extra calories to give your body a boost, without compromising ketosis in any way.

    Are you doing any exercise? Though that can help you get into ketosis, it can stall weight if you are SSing.

    There doesn't seem to be anything on the 810 plan for vegetarians that doesn't have carbs. Are you vegetarian on ethical grounds or because you don't like the taste of meat?

    You have the taste in your mouth of ketosis, so you are probably in it. Again, please don't worry about the neg results on the stix. Ketosis happens in the blood and it only shows on the sticks if there is an 'overflow'.

    Let us know how things are today.
  7. EmmaLouise81

    EmmaLouise81 Full Member

    No I don't eat fish...I never liked the taste of meat and now for that reason and ethical I could never eat it.

    I had a big wobble last night, the first time I have gone off CD and ate a few bites of a pudding! Did it out of totally fraustration and anger, I am annoyed at not losing any weight but also I just feel dizzy all day long which is putting a stop to me leaving the house for walks or anything.

    Drinking plenty of water so know it is not that.
    Had been walking and doing pilates up until a few weeks ago, just can't now.

    Glad I have had this wobble now and not at the beginning of CD, I am so determined to shift 3 more stone so will forget about last night and start over. Aaahhh this is driving me nuts!

    Thanks for taking the time to help!

    My CDC is ringing me later to discuss what to do...thinking of going up to 1000kcal for a few weeks and seeing what happens.

    Apart from last night I have never cheated, if I had then it would be easier to live with the small weight loss but just seems like my body has went into shut-down mode!
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    You shouldn't be feeling dizzy all the time. I suppose there's a possibility that it's not CD related??

    You're drinking enough, you are having all the packs. Ummm. I think I'd go up the plans until it improves.

    I bet. It's frustrating isn't it.

    She sounds like a good CDC :clap:

    I'm sure that this can be worked through, and you'll be on your way again. So annoying for you though!
  9. saraian24

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    Slim and Save
    I hope you get sorted and enjoy the 1000 plan!x
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