2 stone loss.

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    I'm a mum of 3 that Tried many fad diets but none seemed to work, I would yoyo! Up n down, up and down! Then I decided that healthy eating and exercise was the key.. Cutting down on carbs and eating more greens. 6 months later here I am 2 stone lighter and half way to target weight! Also squeezing into a size 14 ;) last summer I was a size 18-20! I feel great! I'm glowing! My eating habits have completely changed! I'm still addicted to chocolate, but now I have to earn it. (Light walk, clean the oven ect) remember guys you can do it! Where do u wanna be this time next year? Weight loss will not come over night, but the nights and days go by so fast. Stay positive. Nothing worth fighting for comes easy. Xx

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