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2 weigh ins per week!

After confessing all to my very patient cdc, she decided it would help me to have 2 weigh ins per week. Does anyone else do this? I'm hoping it'll help me over the weekends as usualy I say to myself if I cheat - och well I have another 5 days to sort it out! Wont have that luxury or hinder (depends what way you look at it). Fingers crossed it helps me - am willing to try it all!
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I'm gonna weigh in this way until am in the zone - I've been struggling on for few weeks and still not managed to hit ketosis. Finding it so hard to get in the zone this time round! Have been losing and gaining teh 7 lbs for what seems like yonks!
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that seems like a very good idea as it will keep you focused all week, i know what you mean when you have something you shouldnt and then think oh well ive got 5 days to do it right best of luck with this x
Thank you for your reply. I think once I finally hit ketosis I'll be into the swing again - its just getting there! Have yet another leaving tea party this affo in work - more cakes, crisps, sweets - arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! Have told my boss, DONT EVEN OFFER ME!


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Poor you, it's tough enough without food torture too!!!
2 WI a weeks sounds like a plan.. Good luck x

Sarah x
Just back from the tea party and never had a morsel! woo hoo! Have a couple of slices of cake home for my hubby instead! I'm a glutten for punishment obvioulsy!
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well done you your halo is shining i could not resist someones birthday food today had some twiglets, and hula hoops not a very good girl at all x
good luck with those extra weigh ins hun.......i'm on nights this week (off to work in an hour) and i know they have takeaways over the weekend......i'm going to hide from everyone hee hee xxxx


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Yes - I do but unofficially - I have one with my CDC on a Sunday morning and one at ww, where I clerk and help out - without them knowing about CD!! - on a Thursday eve -
Sorry not updated this guys. Well went for my middle of the week weigh in on Sat morn and was down 3lbs and in Ketosis! Woop. Not getting weighed again until Fri eve. Have had a tough week (but dont we all!!) Am sick of there always beign treats at work, every single day there are new boxes of chocs being opened, cakes brought in - and the worst thing of all is the small of tiger bread thats been toasted every morning smothered in real butter! arghhhhhhhhhhh!!

I will be slim, I will be slim, I will be slim!!!!!
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Never heard of a CDC agreeing to do this, but you've got to do what keeps you on the straight and narrow. Must admit though, I find with this diet, you can't make it up in 5 days, if you've eaten off plan, it shows. It even shows when you have stuck too it 100% too sometimes!! Grrrr
Good luck


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Never heard of a CDC agreeing to do this, but you've got to do what keeps you on the straight and narrow.
Good luck
Great suggestion by CDC who seems to be really supporting you with the 2nd WI each week. Seems a really great idea to keep you on track , rather than be naughty and use remaining days to lose any weight gains.
You can do it.
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Good idea! i think that would help me as I am good during the week then lose it at the weekend I think it would help me to have a saturday morning weigh in or even a Friday night...
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I have a client who struggles over the weekend - so I see her every Friday for a WI and talk - then again on Tuesday for her proper WI and packs. If it helps her, I don't mind ... not sure how I'd cope if ALL my clients needed 2 sessions though!!
Yeah it was really good of my cdc to suggest the 2 weigh ins per week. Unfortunately with my schedule I’ve only managed that for one week. Looks like I’ll be more a once a week girl again! It was a great incentive to get me into ketosis tho. When I did lipo, I ate every single weekend and always managed to lose even more by the time my next weigh in and I thought I’d get away with that on Cambridge! Obvioulsy not! This will be my first weekend where am aiming not to eat! Am scared!!

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