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Interesting week next week. Monday I have my annual Medical, usual stuff, Blood tests, cancer screening, xray and CT scan. Takes all morning but I feel it's worth it, and more importantly it's free as it's paid by my life insurance. :D

Tuesday the car goes in for it's annual MOT and service. LOL
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Well good luck with those then jim, lets hope its only the mechanical one that would be in need of tinkering with.

LOL, yes Jo

Hooya, I'm sure they will be fine, haven't had a bad result since before I started Atkins, ever since then it's been A+ all the way love.
Yes you will be fine, its always nice to have a check up from time to time, my blood test should be back next week, hopefully they will be fine, think my teaching job stresses me out and when i break up for the summer i always feel crap, but this year i have been getting colds, sore throats and fatique. My be I am getting old:eek:
I don't think you are getting old love, we have 2 teachers living next door, they say they always feel exhausted during the summer holidays.

Well that was quicker than usual, I was straight in for a change. Apart from the blood tests, which we won't have back until Thursday, I'm fine on all counts. BP is great and all the other tests/scans were fine.

and I don't need any replacement parts. ;)
LOL, I may need new brake shoes for the car, but other than that I think it will be OK, I don't do great mileage, less than 7K a year Laura.
It is nice to have the assurance that everything is OK, and we don't have to pay for it as well.


Yes abz, it's only a 6 mile round trip each day, and I often Bike it in the summer if the weather is nice. Which sadly is not often is it love.


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it isn't jim, but it's great that you don't have to use your car much. OH drops me off on his way, but he has to drive half an hour in the morning and quite often more due to bad traffic in the evening. he must get so sick of being in that car!!
When I was doing PM director for Sanderson, I was racking up 50K annually abz, it wore me down, that plus being away from home all the time and living in Hotels. I wouldn't ever do that again love.
Well, the work was interesting, so may great projects and people to manage, the salary was superb and I enjoyed living the first class lifestyle for a while. :)


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well when you put it like that.... i just want to get off this bloody trainee salary now i'm not officially a trainee any more... grrr. 14k a year an IT techie cannot live on!!
Do you have a pay review pending abz.

Oh and the car was fine, passed it's MOT with flying colours and only an oil and filter changes required. :D


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nope. there's a company-wide pay freeze at the mo. so i will be stuck on a starting salary for two years at least... i don't necessarily want another job. i just want paying for the job i do!!

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