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20 st 11lbs omfg

well i weighed in today (my 1st day of liportim) i could have cried:( 20 stone 11 lbs the heviest iv ever bin :( im not suprized but how awful is that. rite so shake 1 down and am now thinking im never gunna be this weight again so im not allowing myself to sit here being down about it as nextw eek i will be a few lbs lighter and next month who knows. day 1 almost dun and am doing fab lol i know its only 1 day but i am so determined to do this
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bye bye belly
You can do it, and you seem to be in the lines for suceeding. Wish you all the best, and stick around with us all through the good and bad, good luck xxx


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Well done for getting started, as fizzy says, u seem to have the right head on your shoulders for this diet!!!
Whenever u feel a moment of weakness get on these forums and the time will fly by. Also set yourself up a diary as that helps massively too!!
Good luck :)
just think it will be the last time you see those numbers on a scale that your standing on so best of luck
unless your holding you suitcase full of bikinis making sure its under baggage weight ;D


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Good luck!!
Don't be down be proud! You have taken the 1st step on a huge journey. This is a fantastic diet and yes the 1st week is hard but don't give in it does get easier, it's great you seem to have the will power to do it, just remember where you want to be and why you are doing this,it will get you through . Good luck X
Best of luck! Make sure you use this forum for support if you have any wobbly days - we're all in the same boat and all here to help and spur each other on
just got back from my 1st counciling session and guess what she said.... come of the diet and eat healthy. she has no idea:( she was a size nuffing and the prettyest thing, and tehres me all 20 stone of me telling her im at my witts end and what she tell me? just eat healthy lol raaa


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Maybe I have the wrong attitude but I think if it like drugs!!! People think that drug addicts should be weaned or replaced with methadone. Well my opinion is that it's much more effective going cold turkey and having a rough week compared to struggling for months with the same results!
Her telling u to come off the diet is her opinion and as u say, she is all skin and bones and doesn't have the slightest understanding if this diet! Fact is, I spoke to my gp about it and he said that he recommends it as it's been proven to be safe and work!!
i agree... i acctually used that saying when i spoke 2 her and she agreed. but i said iv only just started and im no prepared 2 give up as iv been healthy eating and excersising for months with tiny results. this diet has probally more than what i was eating b4 it has all teh vits and mins i need and i know once day 3 is dun i will feel great . dont know why people seem to want to damage every attempt of me loosing weight just when im so ready for it bahhh to lipotrim haters haha
you can do it!! you'll be saying goodbye to that horrid number in no time!
Hi jelly belly 1984! Welcome to the forum! Honestly I think if you don’t know what you weigh it's such a shock on that first weigh in but as others have said you've taken the first step and that's an amazing thing! I started at a heavy weight and I've managed over 8 weeks now and lost quite a lot - if i can so can you! You'll do brilliant! Remember if you’re ever feeling like you can’t do this or have any problems we're a friendly bunch and we'll do as much as we can to help!

Good luck on your journey, look forward to seeing how you get on :)

Tc X


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Good luck hun x
just got back from my 1st counciling session and guess what she said.... come of the diet and eat healthy. she has no idea:( she was a size nuffing and the prettyest thing, and tehres me all 20 stone of me telling her im at my witts end and what she tell me? just eat healthy lol raaa
What a terrible counsellor! She's enough to make you turn to comfort eating. :p you will get far more sense and support on this forum, that's for sure.
I started at a similar weight to you and I've already lost 2st 5lbs in 7 weeks and feel so much better. Part of our problem (apart from the obvious!) is feeling a big fat failure and the best part of this diet is gaining control, confidence and self-respect again. I promise you you will start to feel better after the first week and you will start the most exciting journey. We also have the benefit of dropping more sizes than anyone. Yay!


bye bye belly
I cant believe a counsellor would say that! Thats horrible. I hate skinny people who sit telling you 'its daft' my sister is one of them, shes due to give birth in a fortnight, yet she carries it so effortlessly, and seems one of those that just 'get on with it' unlike me, when I was pregnant I only had to look at the golden arches and boom id gone up dress size and felt awful all the way through my pregnancy! Yet she always says 'dont be silly on that diet, you dont need to diet' ARGHHHHH FIRST CLASS BIATCH! Anyway off my rant for now.... I think lack of sleep is sendingme coo coo!


ok... 20stone odd... forget that now, that's behind you... DONE. Now as for your councellor.... i did lipotrim many years ago. I went to the doctor and weighed in at my heaviest ever 18st 9lbs. When i got off the scales i was quite shocked and embarassed and said to the doctor 'is this diet dangerous' the doctor looked at me in genuine shock and amazement and said 'do you think 18st 9lbs is not dangerous?' i was absolutely scarlet with embarassment. But he was right and that's the fact.... we are carrying far too much weight too young and need to get it off. Weightwatchers and Slimmingworld etc are fab... but i find they really work if you have a couple of stone etc to lose, coz you can battle it weekly and see the results slow but sure. But like us if you have 3-5 stone (ish) to lose it can be quite de-motivating to be crackin away at it week after week and the road seems too long. Before we know it we fall off the wagon... put more weight on and thensome and are more deflated that ever. So for me Lipotrim is like a little golden key... given to the special members club! It's not a quick fix it's re-educating your body during your time on this to stop eating crap and snackin between meals, eating when you're really not hungry... comfort eating.. all of the above.... the weight on lipotrim comes off quick so you get a quick hit to keep you going and are so positive and upbeat when the pounds fall away... already ive nearly lost two stone in four weeks and can tell ya if i was on any other diet i would be a year tryin to lose that coz everytime i lost a few pounds another few pounds would go back on..... so get goin jellybelly (soon to be skinnyminny) forget other peoples comments and do this for YOU... good luck xxx (sorry for ramblin on!)
Oh I get you all! my b/f while proud of me told me that he thinks this is the easy way out !!!! easy? exsqueezé moi? eff off ! now he totally regrets saying it but damage is done. He's not got a pick on him - plays footie 3 times a week and works doing manual work so he's moving all the time. If someone doesn't get it - they don't get it - if their mind is closed - they generally have the figure of a ten year old boy. Keep posting lady 1984 - we're all behind you!

irish molly

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Leluna has said it all!! Well done you on starting on the road to a new you.
This forum will keep you on the straight and narrow. So keep posting!!

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