20 stone 13 to 12 stone 13

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  1. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Hi all!!!

    This is a new account and a new approach at dieting for me!

    I have many tried and failed dieting attempts under my belt.

    Always been chubby, started putting more wight on at uni and don't think I stopped!

    Joined slimming world for the first time at 16 stone... Would lose 7-15lbs and then think I could do it on my own... I didn't really commit to a lifestyle change.

    Each time I re-joined I would be another stone heavier. Always thinking my life would be better when I lost the way.

    Ironically, last year I was both the happiest and heaviest I've ever been.

    Pushing 20 stone I knew I *had* to do something about it.

    I joined weight watchers in the middle of December last year and at my first weigh in was 20 stone 13lbs.

    Lost just over a stone so far, moved countries (!!) and been on holiday.... but despite not being weighed for the whole of Feburary - have gained just 2.5lbs this morning.

    I will be doing simple start but also counting points because tracking is key for me.

    Have used this forum years ago and found it great for motivation and encouragement, as well as meeting like minded people with similar struggles and experiences.

    Looking forward to getting this weight off!!!
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  3. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    I found you! 2.5 pounds is nothing you will have that lost by next week I could easily put that on in a week! Speaking of which I probably did I have my weigh in tomorrow and I'll find out what day is yours?
  4. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    And good luck by the way!
  5. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Tuesdays! :D I hope to get that off and more next week! When do you weigh in?
  6. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Hey subscribing- good luck :) also agree 2.5lbs isn't that much of a gain xx
  7. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Thank you <3

    I have got the magazine and a new journal!
    Plan for tonight - ditching the pancakes or a cup of tea and some serious planning!

    Although deciding food choices days in advance - argh!

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  8. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    I keep meaning to pick up the mag! Maybe I treat myself at the weekend. I'm not having pancakes either, although still had to cook them for my girls xx
  9. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Eeeek! Don't think I could resist the temptation!!

    Luckily I was in the states recently and have had my fill of pancakes.., wouldn't have been able I resist a nice crepe though with lemon and sugar lol!

    Instead I have a cup of tea and white chocolate mikado!
  10. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Doing okay but weekends are hard!!!
  11. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Weekends can be so hard, I try save as many of my 49 weeklies as I can for friday night and saturday night, the few days after with no treats can seen really long though!

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