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2011... please let it be the last time


Losing the baby fat
Moved this to my old diary in members diary section.

Quick intro: 39 yrs old... previously lost 70lb only to gain it and then some after having a baby.... I gained 7stone when pregnant reaching 19stone, and dropped to 16 st 11 within weeks... at one point I reached 15st 12lb... however, have had a really really bad year and I stopped caring and am currently sitting at 17 1/2 stone :sigh: so am 5 1/2 stone heavier than my thinnest and target weight...

So as it stands here are my stats and aims that I hope to achieve by next New Years Eve.

wt.............aim wt
17 1/2st ....12st
BMI - 38.4

b - w - h ......... 50 1/2'' - 42 1/2'' - 51''
b - w - h (aim).. 39 1/2'' - 31 1/2'' - 40''

I will eventually start counting calories, but for now I can afford to just go easy and not be too worried about particulars!

I can't exercise like I used to due to my c-section scar so it will be minimal excercise this time so will have to be mostly down to food intake.
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ooh well done on 3lbs!.. What sort of things have you been having?
I hadnt realised you'd had a c section too..


Losing the baby fat
I just had my normal dinner and tea, no chocolate or puddings or picking , was hungry last night so had some porridge and some scrabbled egg, so went to bed feeling satisfied.
Yeh I had a failed induction, on the 4th day had a section. I sieze up there something terrible and still get searing pain now and again. Excercise knacks me there and I relied on that last time to shape up. I'll probably have to go a stone lighter than I was to get back into my clothes.:(
(I also havn't got cigarettes to help haha.)
I've really go to lose alot by the summer though for dd's sake if nowt else. I want to run after her in the park and maybe even have a photo one day of the 2 of us!
How are you getting on with your diet? xxxx
Hi Rowan, Well done on your weight loss x I wasnt going to weigh myself every day but i do... although I'll just take the weekly reading. When did you have your baby? x
I know all about kidding myself!!;) I think I had the opposite of seeing myself bigger.. I kidded myself I looked okay bulging out of my size 20's...(sure i was a size 12 in my eyes... ;)) So when i stopped dieting last year I got down to 15 stone 10 ... the weight piled back on ..So I agree with you better late than never.. x we can do this and I look forward to supporting each other in the coming months :D
Hi I need to lose 5 stone too. We can do it.
I've also had 2 sections and a hernia repair due to the CS :( so understand the frustration of limiting exercise but I find walking the dogs for an hour at medium pace just perfect !! Plus swimming too but I havent attempted that yet Brrrrrrrrrrr lol
Good luck with your journey :)
Hi rowan x How are you doing today? Are you moving your diary or is it staying here?:confused: Im still not used to how the site works? .. I wanted to say as well that even though I kidded myself I looked ok I stayed clear of photos... and then if I did see one I blamed the angle!!;) I do have a few befores so cant wait to get the afters lol.. Hope to catch up soon x


Losing the baby fat
I moved it after I found my 2008 one, it's in the hidden diary section now. I read it all last night... I can't believe how I was getting over a few pounds, getting in a tizzy I was! I will try and stay more chilled this time about the whole thing!
yeh the site takes some getting used to for navigating, if you just check your usercp you get the threads up you've replied to if there has been a reply which makes it a tad easier.
Yeh bad camera angles have a lot to answer for haha ;)
How are you getting on? x My weigh in day tomorrow, am hoping its a good one. You are doing well Look forward to catching up:D

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