2012 food diaries


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currently planning on cutting out the crap and eating healthy, snacking on fruit, no crap at all for first few weeks !!

Ok so today:

BF: bowl of all bran cereal and milk

Lunch: WW chicken curry microwave meal

Snack: 1 large banana

Dinner: Glenhaven spicy chicken with salad (lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomatoes) and a wholemeal pitta bread

Exercise: 40 min toning / weights class the the gym
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ok so was good over weekend ..

Todays menu is:

BF: porridge and milk 3vp

L: WW chicken curry microwave meal (5.5p) and 1 apple (0.5p) 6vp

D: Leaves 11 points for dinner, have a chicken and rice dish so 11 points will cover that

Total: 20/20


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im rubbish at posting every day ha really needs to improve !!

Ok will do yesterdays menu!

BF - peanut cereal bar+ milk 3vp

L - pitta bread with tuna + mayo 4vp

S - 1 yogurt

D - chicken fahitas with 1 wrap 8vp

Total 16/20


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Todays menu ...

B - yogurt + milk 2vp

L - pitta bread with cheese and salad 4vp

S - 1 apple 1vp

D - spicy chicken, salad and pitta bread 6vp

Thats 13 points so a few left for snacks tonight ...