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21 Weeks later, 6 stone 3lbs down


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Well I decided to take my 21 week photo's today and thought I would post them for people wondering if this diet really works.... I still have 14lbs to go so still a bit lumpy in places and got lots of skin that will hopefully shrink back especially under my chin but still really happy and wanted to share :D
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Hey Bev......
Wow havent seen you on here for a while.. or on fb.
YOU have done so amazingly well..
You look like a totally different person.
You are a true inspiration .. You must be so proud of yourself and you so deserve to be..
Well done ...... amazing.. and your so right the diet does work and you are true proof!! GO GIRL!!!! CD ROCKS!!!!! x


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Thanks kelsocool x

Hiya Marissa, how's it going? been really busy at work so haven't had much time for minimins or FB but did these pics this afternoon and thought I would post them :D the dress was my goal when I started CD so I am really chuffed to actually be able to get into it, now just have to lose the rest and tone up.... I have been on the cross trainer quite a bit lately so hopefully I will see the results soon, just a bit worried about the skin on my face though but it's still worth it!!

You have done so well too!!! not long to go now for either of us, chat to you on FB soon xxx


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wow hon you really have done fab.. and I am so pleased you got into the dress you had as goal you look amazing in it you really do.
whats wrong with the skin on your face you look fantastic..
I bet you feel like a new person....... you must feel wonderful you look it hon.. WELL DONE! xx
wow Bevy you look beautiful!
I'm sure it wont take long to rid yourself of those last few pounds...
you do look lovely though!



can see the end in sight!
oh my god you look amazing! Well done, you are inspirational. That last 14 lbs will fly off and your face looks lovely!! Congrats :)


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Thanks everyone, I actually can't believe I have been on CD for 5 months already because it doesn't seem that long, and if I can do it then anyone can because I had a real problem with food before this!!

Good luck to all of you, you've all done extremely well already and will be 14lbs away from goal in no time I am sure xx


Team 1 all the way!
Wow Bevy, you look fab! Well done- amazing. xxx
What you look absolutely stunning, I was just sat doing a chart working out how long it is going to potentionally take me to loose the weight I need to loose, and was feeling very disheartened that it was gonna be about another 7 months! But after reading your post and seeing the amazing difference in that short amount of time its given me the kick up the a*se i needed this morning to get on with it. off to take some pics now! So well done and thank you for being an inspiration!
wow - what a difference i always think people look much taller slimmer as well

your look amazing xx


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Thanks again everyone :eek:


I'm determined this time!
Oh my God - Bev you look absolutely fantasic! Well done for getting to where you are - I hope I can look as good when I get to where I want to be!!!!

Congratulations . . . . .
whit whoo! lovely dress, and fantastic achievement.


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