225 g of cottage cheese on ss+


6 stone to lose!


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the quorn amounts are almost impossible to eat in one sitting and you just have to have less or eat it in two seperate portions. unfortunately it's only the mince and pieces you can have or i'd be having burgers all the way to the bank :D

abz xx


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It is massive, you can split portions so have in 2 sittings or half portion with half tuna. No way I could do it, wait till you do 810, its even more.


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i used ot have half the cottage cheese quota with half the chicken quota with two pieces of brocollin in my first two weeks and lost lots!


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Let us know how your weigh in went today. All the best.


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It has got to be REDUCED FAT cottage cheese though. There is a difference.


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Did you just eat a plateful of cottage cheese?Is that all you had or did you mix it with something