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28 day solo slim

Evening all!

I completed my 28 days on the solo slim plan yesterday so thought I would do a quick write up...

Firstly, weight loss. I lost 5.5lbs in week 1, 2.5lbs in week 2, maintained week 3 then another 2lbs in week 4. So 10lbs in total - pretty pleased with that! :)

I actually really enjoyed the meals and soups, it made life so much easier. I could just get home from work and through a pouch in the saucepan and have it with veg or salad.

I have to say, this is the first time I have ever felt like I will get to target. I love the way it has worked for me and have brought a second months worth of food. I haven't stuck to the plan 100% due to life getting in the way but it hasn't mattered.

If anyone is unsure about trying it, I would definitely say go ahead and do it. It is just so easy and it actually works!

I haven't really exercised so far so that's my plan for the next month, hoping for another 10lbs in the next 28 days...

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Wow hun that's fantastic :D
Thank you for sharing your success with us. It's nice to hear from fellow rc members to see how they get on.
I quite fancy doing the solo slim plan myself but my only concern is how I fit my meals around me & Hubby. He is not on a diet so not sure what meals I could do for him to keep things simple etc.

Well done again on your loss, you must feel so proud.
P.s can I ask how much it was for the 28 day solo slim pack?

Stacey xxx
Thanks Stacey, I am so pleased. I also lost 16inches as of last monday. I am quite lucky (or not depending on how you look at it hehe) that it's just me to feed so it's simple. My friend lives with her fiancé and she is doing solo too. She generally just makes something else for him or he taunts her and gets dominoes!!

The 28 day box was £150 but so far I have had 2 vouchers for 10% off so only cost £135. That includes postage and the first box you also get a magic measure, the inch loss book and the portion pots.

There have been a few meals I wasn't so keen on but I haven't had one I hated and I tried them all except 2 soups.

The hardest part of my day has been what pouch to have and whether to have salad or veg hehe.

Wow 16 inches is fantastic.
Where do u get the discount coupons from?
I am honestly considering doing the 28 day plan in Aug (a month before my holiday) so that way i can get down the lowest weight lol!
Just unsure of what meals to make for my Hubby.
I have had some lovely ww ready meals but found when i have one of those i still have to cook dinner for him.
Im sure i will find a way around it. You have certainly inspired me :)
I got my first coupon from the magazine and the second came with my box. It was 28day10 and should work for you too.

It's a tricky one when you have someone else to feed. I has all my meals with either veg and new potatoes or a salad, would your hubby eat that with something else easy to cook? I'm a bit rubbish with suggestions I'm afraid hehe. I will speak to my friend and find out how she has copes with her other half and feeling him.

I would definitely give it a go if you can though. I don't have much control around food so doing solo I don't have to think about what to cook or measure my portions which has just fit perfectly into my life.
I was thinking of doing some batch cooking for him, then freeze them into portions. That way I can come home from work & we can both have a quick meal instead of me having to cook. xxx


Silver Member
That sounds like a grand plan (sorry to butt in) I have had the muffins(lush by the way MrsWilsoncroft) but after I had them with family hubby and daughter got a bowl of icecream each, but daughter decorated her muffin and even got peppers on it result!!

I might give solo slim a go,instructor doing a deal at the mo might have to find more about it. Only have 1 month till week off with family (1st holiday alone for 3 years) and need to shift some of this weight so I can be in the fotos and not taking them all the time.

Most of out fotos are off daughter and hubby and to the outsider looking at the fotos he's a single parent, if I do get in the fotos I hide behind just popping head out in time.Dont want to do that anymore,I don't why I am ashamed as my body has carried 3 children with my daughter being the only one here so the jelly belly is part of being a mum.But daughter 8 now and I don't want her being embarrased of me.:wave_cry:

So Sorry hijacked thread and thenjust prattled on(but I do feel better)
Glad you enjoyed the muffins hun :)
My rc leader is also asking for volunteers to try the solo slim plan for a week, shes offering it for a discount price of £30 so ive asked if i can do it. xxx
Shep you didn't hijack you silly billy. I'm glad you feel better from getting that out. You should never feel ashamed though (easier said than done) but at least you are taking positive action to fix it!

If you can do it, I would definitely say give it a go. Especially if your RC people are offering discounts. I do it at home on my own, but have had magazine discounts.
Yay, Im taking part in the solo slim diet trial. My leader has sent me thru details etc and ive chosen my 7 days of meals etc. Delivery will be on monday so if i can get weighed then my week will start from tues :) xx
Yay, good luck Stacey. I am sure you will love it and do great. I have just had a mini scoff of chocolate but not gonna beat myself up. After being pretty much 100% the last 4 and a half weeks I felt I needed a bit of a blow out.

Keep my updated how you get on with solo.
Yay, good luck Stacey. I am sure you will love it and do great. I have just had a mini scoff of chocolate but not gonna beat myself up. After being pretty much 100% the last 4 and a half weeks I felt I needed a bit of a blow out.

Keep my updated how you get on with solo.
You have done brilliant the last few weeks so it was well deserved :)
I will keep you updated on how I do, I have no idea what meals i will have on which days etc. Im looking forward to trying it out though. xx
Thanks, makes me feel slightly less guilty hehe.

When I came to deciding, I pulled out the meals which I fancied at the time then done a bit of an 'ip-dib-do' kinda thing.
Hey, I just wondered how many cals a day while doing solo slim? I have just ordered my "kick start kit" and am really excited. Going to start with the 7 day slim down plan from the last mag for 2 weeks and then I may try solo slim as seems to work really well. 10lbs in 28 days, well done! :D:D
Nellylou, I was on 1200 the first 2 weeks then up to 1400 for the last 2. It's the same principles as the inch loss plan I believe.

Kindleuser, I very much doubt I will lose another 10 in 4 weeks but I'm gonna try. I go on holiday in 4 weeks and losing another 10 will get me to a bmi of 25 yay.
I'm waiting for my first 28 day box to arrive - shame I didn't have a 10% voucher though.
I've always like the RC plan and lost 6st on it (not solo) years ago. Unfortunately, because it's franchised, classes aren't as plentiful as WW or SW and there aren't any in my town (or the next) otherwise I'd definitely go again.

I thought I'd give solo a try though as I've done Cambridge in the past and did well (lost 10st) so obviously the structured approach suits me best. I can't seem to be able to stick to the rigid regime second time around though and, as solo is based on proper meals, I'm hoping this will be a good compromise. Fingers crossed :)
Hi russiandoll,

That is exactly the same for me. I liked the fact that I didn't have to think what to eat. Good luck with solo, it really is great.
Kelly, im really enjoying the solo slim so far, one question though, do you find the food keeps popping & splatting when in the microwave because its worrying me how it keeps doing it when im cooking it lol!

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