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2lbs gain bad weekend... back on plan!

well ive been really good since ive started slimming world.. then this weekend ive just gone a little bit crazy.... ive drank wine, ate chocolate. and basically everything slimming world unfriendly ive ate..
weighed myself this morning and have put 2lbs on.. im not suprised as i have been quite ridiculous ..
so its back on plan for me today.. ive just done an hour on the wii fit and went for a walk first thing this morning..

fuming at myself as im losing very slowly anyways so now ive put myself back even more .. never going to get to my goal at this rate!!
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Chin up chuck, loads off us fell off the wagon at the weekend, you're not alone in being naughty (I know I was lol!). Just draw a line as your doing and get right back on it. Good luck!
you know what though as i was eating all the junk ive got through.. i found that i didnt really enjoy it that much. .. i think after eating gorgeous freshly made food over the past few weeks the processed rubbish just tasted bland.. and i felt a bit sick after eating..and i didnt really enjoy the wine .. i felt like i was drinking it for the sake of it...
so in a way i think ive done myself a favour because im actually not missing out on anything.. apart from feeling sick and bloated and a bit groggy in the morning!!
Make sure if you're doing all this exercise that you are drinking plenty. Are you weighing mid week, or do you normally WI today? That could make a difference too. Easter is there to be enjoyed, and I'm sure it will come off quickly.
Im exactly the same! I only started recently but lost 3 lbs……………………………. NOW I’ve put them all back on again with this long weekend :-(

I'm finding the Slimming World really hard anyway as I love picking at food all day long but im not big on fruit or many veg! but come on- you can do this!!!!!

If you want something bad enough you can do it! Im going to plan all my meals and treats etc out over the next 3 days so I don’t feel like im being hard done by when it comes to the next bank holiday!

We could help each other with this if you like?

Good luck with your diet! J x


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at least you've gone back on plan, I've been off plan for 2 weeks now and I'm too scared to go on the scales lol, I've probably put on 7lb+ :(
I wish I had your motivation to go back on plan :)
suzyanne - yes we will motivate each other to get them pesky pounds back off and then even more after that!
im just sat here now going to make my shopping list for the week so that there is a ton of sw friendly food in so there is no excuse to binge again!

anwenG- get back on them scales.. it might not be as bad as you think .. and if you have had a gain then just view it as the start ..
Thanks Charley! im just on my lunmch so going to make a start! Im going to have to move some things around and try to start going to actual meetings! its got so confusing with this orange day meaning you can eat meat and rice etc etc!!!!!! why am I finding it so confusing!?!?!?
thats the extra easy plan.. ive not done this yet been sticking to my red and green days.. but im away on hols next week and i think this is going to be the plan that im going to follow while we are away so giving me more of a choice and not feeling like im depriving myself.. so can have a big bowl of slimming world chips and a big steak!!!
mmmmmmmmmm I love steak and ships!!! im having gammon tonight for dinner - any recommendations to accompany my meal anyone?? x

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