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2nd weigh in & a Question plzzzz!!!


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That seems like a lot huni, means you loosing an awful lost each week, and the last thing i would want is for you to be disheartened cos u have a bad week... and are off your goal...

Best of luck though, and i would suggest lots of mini goals to keep you motivated along the way!!

anything is possible, just be careful and be healthy!


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Hmmm - Im not really to fussed about meeting that goal - it is just over 6st in 18 weeks .... lol Aslong as i get near to it im good i think!


My husband = My hero
Fab! u should be porud of every pound you loose huni! and im sure you will get to your goal! xx
set plenty of mini goals and you will be far happier than just one long distance goal

but keep going at it and good luck


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Hmmm i am not too keen on mini goals ... i just take it as it comes. Aslong as i am losing 1st a month i am more than happy :D
And besides, i hate writing my own mini goals! aha
I have 48 pounds to go im thinking April/May and I started on the 31st January - who knows it depends on your body I think.
This week I want to lose 4lbs so I can get to 13.13. Im setting myself a goal that by the end of two weeks i want to be a 16. So maybe if you say to yourself if i lose 5lb this week and if you lose more you'll be happy :D. Keep it up though great loss xxx


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I dont wana go week by week as really it depends on how you are doing in that week, water wise and also t.o.t.m - so im taking it by month. 1st each month and i will be happy :D

Maybe i wont lose it by june but im damn sure im guna work hard and get as close to it as i can! :D break for my hols and get back on the wagon :D
Stick to the stone a month plan and ya are well on your way!! If ya get more than that well done but i wouldnt like ya to get disheartened though but ya seem determined so wishing all the success with it, take care
wow miss unkown - over a stone in a week well done :)
and summergurl - well done keep it up :)

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I think if you stick to it you will be very close to target.XX
Well done on your loss. A holiday is great motivation to stick with it. However close you get you will still be a skinnier minnie than now - wish I had lost some weight before my last holiday coz no chance of another this year! Good luck babe, you should be at least another 4 stone lighter in June, maybe more, who knows. Just make sure you enjoy it! You certainly deserve to!



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Aw thanks :D

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