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2nd weigh today - very disappointed

I lost 11 lbs in the first week. I went for my second weigh-in today and found I'd only lost 2lb.

Now I know it's still '2lb gone', but when I did the CD a few years ago, I lost 13lb the first week, then 8lb the second week, 7lb the third week, then I never lost less than 4lb per week after that for months.

I've stuck to the diet rigidly, I've been really good with my water intake (3+ litres per day plus the water in my coffee), I know I'm in ketosis, because I check using the widdlesticks, and I'm quite active, because I work full time and keep busy. I end up walking a lot every day.

I know the weight loss slows down eventually, but I thought the key word there is...'eventually'. Surely it's unusual to only lose 2lb on week two, for a person of my size?

I'm not going to quit or comfort eat or anything like that (I'm committed to this thing) but it's put a real downer on my day. I was really looking forward to my weigh-in today, because everybody seems to have big losses for the first few weeks.

Just fed up, really.
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every 1s weight loss is diffrent hunny. u will probally have a big loss next week

I know I probably come across as a whiney, spoilt brat, and 13lb would be a great loss if I was doing a 'normal' diet, but I know that the VLCD system almost always yields lovely big juicy losses in the first few weeks, and I feel 'cheated', however absurd that sounds.


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Hi Magpie, I totally understand I'd be annoyed too especially because you chose this diet to knock the weight off more quickly and you are working so hard at it. Perhaps it is your time of the month? I know I retain lots of water around this time, nxt week you will weigh way less...it should even out like that. If I was you I'd check my weight to see if its going down throughout the week...I know its 'bad' to check the weight loss but it really keeps me going. Chin up though, nxt wks losses should tell a happier story xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Hugs sweetheart. Disappointment is tough. I had a few weeks just like that. Try to be patient, your losses will balance out over the weeks. Stick with it!
It was my TOTM last week, so if the water retention was going to affect my weight loss it would have been last week, not this week.
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Oh magpie I know 2lb doesn't seem slot but when you think in two weeks you've lost near on 1 stone!!! That is amazing!!:) you should be pleased as punch and looking forward to your third weigh in cause your bound to lose a good amount next week!!:) keep the water intake up as well as your chin lol!! You'll be ecstatic next week I'm sure :D
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Just think of it this way...at least it wasn't a gain of 2lbs. You're doing great...chin up and keep at it!


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Hang in there....and I suppose I would probably feel miffed too (we all would if truth be told), BUT, we need to get on with it, and you have done incredibly well.

Now, I always say something which I do believe...the scales dont know what day it is! so, just because it is your WI day and you havent last as much, come tomorrow it could all just fall off you!!!!! Seriously, it is so annoying, but what IF was your WI day and you stepped on the scales and you lost 5-7lbs!! You just never know.

I would see how you go next week and if it is as low again, then maybe tweek how much water you are having, or how much walking you are doing, just to see....we are all made differently and things affect us differently.

How many coffees are you having in a day? Maybe if you are having a lot, even if with just water, then this could be having an effect!! Suppose just getting you to think of reasons.

Glad you are not giving up though, as that is so easy to do and we can just feel plain fed up, since doing VLCD is hard enough,,,we do it because of the great results and the speed! But, really quite impressed that you are so determined!!

Wish I had a magic wand and you had lost more, but just keep looking at your ultimate goal and you are a stone down in 2 weeks!! Well done you!!!!
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
I feel your pain. On CD in 2007, I lost 12lbs in my first week and only 2lbs in my second week despite sticking to 100%. I was so disheartened but my counsellor said to think its 2lbs of ugly fat you will never have on your body again! Try drinking a little bit more water and you will probably have a good weigh in next week. Dont let it get to you too much, 13lbs in 2 weeks is a massive achievement, so WELL DONE HUN!!!
I do drink a lot of coffee. However, I've read recent research that says that although coffee is in theory a mild diuretic, the amount of water we dilute the pure coffee with (i.e. the amount of water in a cup/mug of coffee) completely negates the effect of the mild diuretic, and therefore, gives us more water than we lose.

The diuretic effects of tea/coffee have been very overstated.

That's why the water in your cup of coffee should count towards your daily water intake.

Having said that, I easily drink 3 litres of plain water a day plus coffee.

Maybe I'll break the golden rule and weigh myself again at the weekend, using the coin operated scale at my local shopping centre.

Weird thing is, that during the last week I felt as though the weight was faling off me. Every time I rubbed my face, I'd get a bit of a shock at the feel of a cheekbone!


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Key words here are 'almost always' ... like you I was disappointed but with my first weeks loss.... everyone seemed to be dropping 9-11lbs in the first week, and I was gutted with my 5lbs. The next week it was 6lbs so in two weeks it was still 11lbs - either way you look at it its positive isn't it!!!!!

I have regularly lost 4lbs a week really, one week it was 2lbs and not sure why - but the comments and support from here really helped.

Just don't worry about it - we can't really force the weight loss can we..... just let your body be and don't sweat the small stuff.

Lisa x


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Ah hun I'd be so disappointed to. Like you I'm doing this diet and i want to see the weight drop off me in a relatively shorter space of time - and certainly much quicker than a conventional diet. I think the first weeks losses tend to give us hope that we'll lose lots more the following week - but I now know its just water really isn't it so I'm not expecting to lose masses when i weigh-in on Monday. I had a massive cry yesterday as i went on my scales and they hadn't moved and really questioned why I'm doing this diet. But like you I'm going to stick with it. My friend has been doing it for about 7 weeks and she lost 2lb one week and was so gutted but the next lost 8lb and did nothing different so it could just be one of those things.
I always get weighed in the same clothes at the same time of day and make them double check the loss because I hate the daft chart the pharmacy uses.
Good Luck this week.
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I feel your pain.
I'm new to Lipotrim and lost 8 pounds in week 1. Now in week 2, I seem to have lost 2 pounds as well. Really disappointed.
I was about ready to give up, but after reading all of your comments, I'll stick with it and see if it improves next week.

I supposed it might also have something to do with how much weight you have to lose.

Either way, stick with it girl!
I'll try and do the same :)


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Its a bag of sugar, just think how that feels to be lugging that about all day and think of the pressure on your knees! You are doing brilliantly, Each time you do it , it's never the same, I think your body reacts in a different way. It could have been inches you lost this week not pounds : )
S: 13st2lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 1st5lb(10.33%)
nenya... just wondering how long it's taken you to get where u are, since we're the same height and start weight and goal are similar... also did u excercise alongside or anything? thanks Lx

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