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3.5 stone gone in 12 weeks...

i am weighing today at 10,8. this means i have lost 49lbs and 3.5 stone exactly... :D

it is my official weigh in day tomorrow which is day one of week 13 (unlucky huh, i hope not). maybe i could be 10,7 and hit my first goal!!!!!! fingers crossed... ;)

i am currently glugging on my large hot choc mint, i LOVE this flavour and could have it 3 times a day... and sometimes do! :)

heres to my next half stone, taking me to 4 stone gone for good...
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Step away from the chips!
:wow:Fantastic! You've done so well - will keep my fingers crossed for you hitting your first goal tomorrow x


Taking one day at a time.
Keeley - that really is a fantastic achievement! Very inspiring for me! Well done - you will get there.
Well done!! That fantastic, please can you send me some of your good weight loss luck. I failed badly at the weekend not even gonna mention wot i had lol. The 4 stone goal of yours is coming close.
rach i too had a 'moment' over the weekend... some call it a vodka binge lol...

jump back on wagon and forget about it. not worth dwelling on it!!!!

good luck xxx
hey there Clare, i see you didnt sts this week! thats great.

hows 810 going? why did you move up the plans? i am starting to think i should but im a bit scared lol...

any advice? x
Keeley you have done absolutely brilliantly. Congratulations.:bliss:


MUST get a grip
hey there Clare, i see you didnt sts this week! thats great.

hows 810 going? why did you move up the plans? i am starting to think i should but im a bit scared lol...

any advice? x

Morning Hun
Thats exactly the reason I moved up!!!!!!..... I was starting to 'feel' totally comfortable with my 'pack' life - all lovely secure, controlled etc but its just not the real world!

I want to get to goal - of course BUT I also want to get there and stay there rather than getting there thinking oh well I can go up and up with no control!? If that makes sense?????

I am just sticking to the basics, love cottage cheese, had tuna last night which I didnt enjoy as it felt so heavy & this is my eating plan now....

Breakfast - CD pack mousse 11am ish
Lunch CD bar approx 2pm ish
Dinner Cottage Cheese salad approx 6-7pm
Supper CD pack mousse

I am more than happy eating like this - suits me totally & means **whispers - I can go out**
lol clare *** whispers 'i went out on ss... vodka etc lol' ***

well done you for taking control, i know exactly what you mean about feeling safe on ss and with shakes. i am scared about eating and not feeling this controlled.

but i guess we should feel comfortable as we have a pretty strict diet to follow on diff plans too. we know what we can/cant eat.

best of luck with it and i will def be keeping an eye out for your losses.

oh and you have lost the crown of 'sts queen', sorry!


Silver Member
Well done hun, you're a real inspiration to me and when it starts getting tough I shall come on here and motivate myself xx


MUST get a grip
Oppps mine was a few glasses of rose..... ;);););) but I didnt eat nor did I want to next day other than my packs - ta daaaaaaaa previously a night out would've been an excuse to either eat that night or most def all day the next - not any more.
I actually got up and spent the afternoon out going for a walk with my dog, kids and my friends!
This means thats - I can have a life, obviously not an alcohol fuelled existance I dont ever drink in the week anymore nor would I and my kids dont even like me drinking at the weekends.... Let me tell ya when you're 11yr old and 9yr old start telling you how to behave - one has to listen :D:D:D:D....

You could try 810 at weekends initially, just to see how your tummy & head gets on thats what I did along with moving up to SS+ for 2 wks -xxxxxxxxxxx
clare thats a good idea, start at weekends... i do love the control of SS so it would be best of both worlds...

skinny jeans too big for you???? wow... my tree trunks really dont get on well with skinny jeans, i have to wear boot cuts :-(

oooh rose, i love the stuff and havent even thought about it since starting cd.

love it, the children tell you what to do!

oh and i managed to also get up after vodkas... went shopping AND stuck to shakes! are'nt we STARS!

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