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3 days til tummy tuck & boob lift!!!


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Ohh, how exciting... and scary!!

I am currently in the process of 'applting' for an NHS tummy tuck, so would love to be kept updated on how you get on. Wouldn't mind a breast uplift either! Is the scarring supposed to be quite noticable with an uplift?

The very best of luck and good wishes to you!

Jo x
Im so jealous of ur boob lift!!!
I can see already my boobs and shrinking and sagging!!! Sorry for tmi!!
Im too scared to have it done tho,
Good luck hun xx
wow - let me know how it goes - I'm desperate to have my boobs lifted! Since I had my daughter they've really headed south! Never mind the pencil test - i could store a whole pencil case under there!

If you don't mind me asking, how much does it cost for both procedures?

ooh, how exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I have only lost 36lb and still another 50odd to go, but already I can see my boobs and belly are definately going to need some work when I have finished. Im probably too scared tho!

Will you please keep us updated about the op and your recovery as Im sure loads of people on here will want to know how you cope with it all.

Good luck for the op and wishing you a speedy recovery.
OMG, only 3 more sleeps on my belly til I have my tummy tuck & breast uplift. Going shopping with the kids in a minute to buy some pillows, more magazines and some prunes :jelous: can only imagine that dreaded constipation could be quite traumatic :D.
Any hints or tips gratefully received.
Wow is this on the NHS?
The surgery is private through BUPA unfortunately :cry:but the hospital is lovely, real 5 star service & treatment & the surgeon I decided on is lovely (really gorgeous though which is a bit embarrasing & unfortunate, lol).
It's costing £8430 for the 2 op's combined. The tummy tuck alone would've been £5150. For obvious reasons it's cheaper to have 2 procedures done at once, plus as my surgeon says - only one period of recovery.
The scarring with an uplift does show as they remove the nipple and cut down from it and around underneath, almost like an anchor shape heading down from the nipple area. Howver, when he showed me photos of the scarring 2 months post op, it's not really noticable unless you are up close & looking for it - not many people will have that opportunity :D
I'm really excited but the nerves are definatley kicking in now.
Also, very aware that I'll have to keep my weight down for good this time otherwise it's going to big a lot of expense & pain for nothing :rolleyes:
ohh good luck im having breast uplift and implants as soon as i get the last stone off im just looking at surgeons at the moment ,im nervous of the scars but that's because iv not seen many pics of what i want done yet


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Oh wow, you must be so excited, you are having done what I want done eventually!!! God I wish I was having it done in 3 days!! Make sure you have everything to hand, get some arnica tablets from boots (they aid healing and bruising) they are homeopathic so should be OK to take. A V cushion, I found it handy when I had my csection so I am sure it will help... plenty of wordsearches or knitting or cross stitch, something to while away the hours from your bed!! Let me know how you get on cos I am really really interested, PM me cos I want all the low down!!Love
GOOD LUCK! How exciting ... though I'm sure you have some nerves, too! But what a brilliant way of marking a new start. Please keep us all posted on how you're doing - perhaps a Minimins Diary, like Mike's, if you get bored during recovery?

This is an op I think a lot of us are interested in (I want my tummy done and boobs lifted, too) so I'll be following your progress and wishing you well over the coming weeks!


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Great about Boob lift & TT.....I am trying to save up to go to Prague and have it done. :DThey do a whole package including flight and hospital for under £2000 for TT and £1300 for boobs. SO MUCH cheaper abroad than here.:)
Tried to get it done on NHS but was refused, because they said it was cosmectic and not life threatening.:confused::confused:

Do let us all know how it goes...and good luck.:)
my sis in law has just had her boobs done, the change in her is dramatic and not just aesthetically.
Her whole personality has lifted, everything went perfectly and she is one happy bunny.
Wishing you all the breast oohh sorry couldn`t resist, I mean best x x x
wishing you lots of luck hun, can't wait to hear how it went and how you are doing xxx
I had found one in SA where you can have a two week package and also your consults here first, also one in South America that i couldn't find anything negative about! I have to say though i'd rather go somewhere by train than fly!


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Just a little tip, ask whoever is taking you home from the hospital to bring a pillow with them. Your journey home will be more comfortable if you have a pillow to hold against your tummy, it helps with the bumps on the road...
haven't there been some documentaries showing really bad opps abroad??? I don't mean to sound negative but OMG, aren't we and the americans better at this sort of thing?? I have not delved into this before so I'm not saying I KNOW IT ALL, I can only say what I have seen on the tv and it's such a scary thing to go and have done anyway, I'd much rather go to a British hospital. I too would not like to fly after an opp such as that, I had an emergency C section and that was horrid, deffo wouldnt want to be flying home after that.

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