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3 dress sizes to lose = Wedding Dress fits!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by CheekyMinky, 21 November 2010 Social URL.

  1. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Hi all

    I'm usually a bit of a lurker on here every now and again and as you'll see from my join date (over a year ago!) that I've done diddly squat. Well, that's not true, I've actually put on 2 stone since then!! But I've also got engaged and bought my dream wedding dress. Problem is it's 3 sizes smaller than me! And because it was a sample, I've got to get into it - no arguments. The wedding is next November 2011 so I now I can do it!

    I'm hoping to use this diary as a mix of food and thoughts. Knowing you guys may be reading it should (hopefully!) keep me on track :D

    I've prepped breakfast and lunch for tomorrow so all that's left to say is... bring it on!!!
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  3. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Extra Easy
    Plan for Monday 22 November 2010

    Beaten eggs fried in frilight to make a thin omelette topped with

    Banana & Orange

    Morning snake (if needed)

    Mullerlight - Vanilla


    2 x WW Think Sliced Wholemeal (HEb)
    2 x LLC triangles (HEa)
    Wafer thin ham

    Quavers - (4 syns)

    Afternoon Snake (if needed)

    Mugshot - sweet sour
    Carrots/celery/cucumber dipped in
    3 x LLC Triangles (rest of HEa)


    Moussaka -
    EL Lamb mince
    Schwartz Moussake spices (1 syn)
    Carrots etc
    Tinned toms
    Topped with potatoes


    Cadbury fudge (5 syns)

    Total Syns - 10 syns
  4. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    congrats on the engagement from a fellow bride!!! I get married in October 2011 :D xxx
  5. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Thanks ladies. Just looking at your weight losses - congrats and hope I can be as successful. Actually, i'll correct that - I will be as successful! :)
  6. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well, woke up Monday with a migraine from hell and text work to say i wasn't going in. As soon as i had, i went to get out of bed and done my back in :sigh:

    So Monday's plan turned out to be

    Beaten eggs fried in frilight to make a thin omelette topped with
    Tinned toms & mushers


    Apple and banana

    Afternoon Snake

    Some ham and seafood sticks
    Pack of quavers (4)


    Left over cheesy corned beef hash
    (HEa for 28g of cheese + 4 syns for more cheese!!!)
    Baked beans


    mullerlight toffee topped with
    chopped anana and
    2 Mini meringues (2)

    Total Syns - 10 syns

    So glad I stuck to plan.

    Today was a much better day in terms of the swede (that's what other half calls the head) in that all pain has gone. Shame about that the back!!!

    Todays plan - Tuesday 23 November 2011

    Extra Easy

    Mullerlight vanilla

    Morning snake

    2 x WW Thick Bread
    1 x LLC Triangle (1.5)

    Afternoon snake
    Alpen light (3)
    Seafood sticks and cherry toms

    Salmon fillets marinated in
    Wagamamas sweet teriyaki (1.5) with
    soy sauce, white wine vinegar and fish stock.
    Stirfry veg

    Tuesday nights are usually quite difficult as me and my mates meet up at each others house every week for Tuesday Night Club (TNC) We decided that nothing ever happens on a Tuesday so we thought we would mark the passing of a boring night with a bottle of wine and nibbles.
    Tonight, I've agreed to drive so I can get away with one glass of wine (6.5) and then diet lemonade. Got to try and stay away from the doritos though!!

    Hope you're all doing well!! :talk017:
  7. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well, last night didn't go too badly. Got away with one glass of wine but couldn't resist the frazzles and doritos. Synned it all at about 20 -eek! :eek: Would rather over syn tho then under syn. Not too worried. Line drawn and today's a new day.
    Mr CheekyMinky thought it would be funny to grab my toes poking out of the duvet this morning with his freezing cold hands. Not a good move. This entailed me yanking my leg back really quickly which in turn wrenched my back again. Could only lie in a heap in bed balling my eyes out. Poor Mr CM had to leave and go to work so he's probably spent all day feeling rubbish. So he should :D Had to call in sick AGAIN (was off Monday too!). Managed to crawl out of bed 5 hours later but I can't sit down. I can lie or stand but not sit!

    Anyhoo, enough of me woes - it'll all come out of the wash etc :rolleyes:

    Plan today is Extra Easy

    Bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms and toms.
    Milk (0.5) in coffee

    Afternoon snake
    2 x WW Bread (HEb) toasted and filled with
    chopped banana
    Milk (0.5) in coffee

    Dinner - Moussaka
    EL Lamb Mince
    Tinned toms & Passata
    1/4 pack of Schwartz Moussaka spice mix (1)
    Aubergine/carrots/mushrooms etc
    Potatoes sliced thinly on top with
    Quark & FF Fromage frais mixed with
    28g Cheese(HEa)

    No idea what it will taste like as I've never made it - so fingers crossed :)
  8. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    On plan and everything seems to be going good so far!

    Yesterday's plan was Extra Easy -

    3 x weetabix - (HEa + 3 syns)
    Skimmed milk - (2)

    Leftover stirfry (1)

    Left over moussaka(1 + HEa for cheese)
    Actifry chips (1 for tsp oil)

    SW sponge(2)

    Total syns - 8
  9. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Day off work today and busy making origami flowers for my wedding and slicing my fingers off using a craft knife in the process!!
    SW plan has gone to pot today in that I've not eaten much yet. Planning yummy dinner tho a bit light on the superfree today. WI tomoz morning!



    SW KFC
    Actifry chips (1 for tsp oil)
    Baked beans

    Red Wine (probably the bottle! 26 syns )
  10. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Cheers hun. It's so rubbish isn't as there's just nothing that you can do when it happens to make it better. I know what you mean about the pain killers - my doc gave me diazepam once as it's an anti inflammatory too but that spaced me out too much and I refused to take them after the first one!
  11. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    WI day

    Well, I was good last night in that I didn't drink the whole bottle of wine :D and managed only a measly half a glass! (*polishes her halo*)

    Paid off as first WI today and as you can see in the sig, half a stone off!!! Deliriously happy and uber motivated to keep it up. So plan for today (Extra Easy) is -

    Egg, bacon, mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans
    3 x coffee with milk(1.5)
    2 x WW Bread (heb)

    [STRIKE]WW Bread (HEb) ham, salad. Mugshot if needed.[/STRIKE]
    Breakfast was so late didn't need lunch

    ES Sausages x 3 (1.5)
    Mash pots with splash of milk(0.5) and 2 x LLC Triangles(HEa)
    Gravy made with loads of red onions, beef stock and a splash of balsamic and a splash of red wine :D (1).

    SW Lemon Sponge (3) with quark with sweetner and lemon essence mixed in

    3 x LLC Triangles (HEa) mixed with FFF Frais or yogurt and a bit of chilli powder to make a dip for chopped carrots/celery etc.
    BNS chips made in the Actifry if too cold for raw veg:D
    [/STRIKE] Only needed an orange
    Maybe a WHOLE glass of wine (6.5)
    [/STRIKE] No wine!
    Total syns - [STRIKE]12[/STRIKE] 7.5

    Have a good day all;)
    Last edited: 28 November 2010
  12. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well Mr CM kicked my butt this morning and we went to the gym. Haven't been for about a month so need to get going again. I'm fine when I get there but today I just didn't want to especially as I've had a bad back. Anyhoo, I did and took it slower so as not to do anything silly.

    I've decided that as 20 calories is roughly worked out as 1 syn for non free stuff, I'm going to burn at least 300 cals each time I go to the gym to equate to a days 15 syns.
    Now before anyone says that's not an accurate way to do it or that's not really how syns are really calculated, I am aware of that. I'm just using it, for me, as a phsychological tool to keep me going to burn at least 300 cals at the gym each session.

    When I did WW, 70 cals was roughly 1 point so I used to do multiples of 70cals to calculate a workout so I'm just doing the same thing with SW. If you have read my 'sausage' thread :D you'll know I like to quantify things that I do.

    So meal plan for today is Extra Easy (to be fair, it will always be Extra Easy :D)

    Pre gym
    2 x coffee (1 for milk)

    2 Eggs whisked with a little garlic pepper and then coated
    3 x WW Thick bread (HEb +3) in the egg and fried in frilight for eggy bread nomnomnom
    1 ES Cumberland sausage (0.5)
    3 x trimmed bacon
    Mushrooms, tomatoes and beans
    1 x coffee (0.5 for milk)
    I was famished!!

    EL Beef Meatballs cooked in
    Jamaican jerk seasoning, coriander, tinned toms, passata, peppers, mushrooms, aubergine served with
    Pasta with
    28g cheddar grated on top (HEa)

    Rest of SW sponge(3) maybe with muller vanilla choccy yoghurt

    Total syns - 8

    Have good y'all ;)
  13. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well, Monday was a but of a disaster :cry: just ran out of time and didn't get in til about 9 so too tired to cook. Very handy having indian at the bottom of the drive (well not really when you're trying to shed a few stone :mad:)

    Nowt - just ran out of time

    2 x WW Thick Bread (HEb)
    1 x LLC Triangle (1.5)

    Lamb dhansak (6.5 according to SW but will use 10)
    Pilau Rice (ate it all so 5!)
    Glass of wine (6.5)

    No gym trip as just no time
  14. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well I was already for today to be a much better day today until I realised I hadn't been shopping since who knows when and we had no bread or milk :eek:

    1 x Alpen light bar (HEb)

    Jacket spud
    Cheese (HEa +7 syns) quite cheesy :D

    1 x Alpen light bar (other part of HEb)

    Potatoes chipped and cooked in the actifry with
    1 tsp oil (1)
    SW quiche - 4 eggs, cottage cheese with
    Sweetcorn, peppers, garlic pepper and
    Lean corned beef (1.5)

    It's Tuesday Night Club tonight so nibbles and vino :D

    Hoping to stick to 2 glasses of red (13)
    and the chopped veg.
    More likely to be a whole bottle, ignore the veg and chow down on the crispies and cheesey nibbles.

    Will report in tomorrow with damage report. Off now as girlies have just come through the door.

    Have a good evening all :)
  15. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member


    Well, TNC was the start of the derailment I think. Managed to stick to just one glass of wine but couldn’t stay away from the nibbles. That wasn’t tooooo bad but when I got home from work on Wednesday they were still calling out to me and I caved. And to top it off, I then finished OH chips from the chippy.
    Thursday wasn’t too much better scoffing a mince pie, a dime bar and some home made marguerita ice cream with the mince pie.
    Then finally Friday out drinking. Not the good gin and slimline – no, pints of lager!
    Well, that was last week as Saturday is my WI day so am ‘drawing a line’ and back on it.
    I know this is a marathon and not a sprint so am not disheartened as I know that I will do it and there will always be blips along the way.
    Well. I’m off to WI and will post result and plan for today

    Wish me luck! :break_diet:
  16. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    STS STS STS Woohoo!!! V V happy!!
  17. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    Well, after a let off on this weeks WI, time to knuckle down!

    Plan for today Saturday 4 December

    BLT using
    Bacon,lettuce, toms
    2 x WW Thick sliced (HEb)
    1 tbsp Tesco EL Mayo(0.5)
    2 x LLC Triangles(HEa)
    BNS chippies :D
    1 tbspn tommy ketchup (1)

    2 x Kabanos (9)!

    EL Lamb meatballs
    Tinned toms and passata
    peppers, mushrooms, onions, aubergine
    Garlic pepper and other spices I can find

    SW sponge (1.5) with mullerlight

    Total syns - 12

    Have a good day:D
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  19. CheekyMinky

    CheekyMinky Member

    oh me oh my

    I havent posted for a while as things all went the way of the pear in December. The wedding has been postponed, changed my pill as that was giving me the dangerous migraines. Replacement turned me into a witch and plunged me into a black depressive hole and then my pops collapsed and had to have triple bypass. Happy days.
    Anyhoo, pops had his op Monday and is ok and am starting to feel more on an even keel so I'm back on plan from today. :)
    Off to plan weeks meals and do shopping. Will post menu later.
    Have a good day all x
  20. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Good luck with getting back on plan, it feels good when you are motivated again :) xx
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