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3 Massive Milestones Achieved!!!

Hi Guys

I weighed in today and have lost 1.5lb which means....

1. I got my 5 stone award
2. I am now in the '13s'
3. I have lost 70lb

I am so chuffed- especially since I have been working away and eating out every night (sounds like a treat but is a nightmare if you are trying to control your food) and been poorly.

Thank you all so much for your help, friendship and support- you are very special people who have helped me obtain this massive milestone

(I am adding a 'cat' charm to my bracelet today)

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Congratulations. Well done. What an inspiration. Perhaps you should apply to be in the SW mag!!! :)


Going From Flab to FAB!

All i can say is WOW .. amazing milestones!
I bet it feels wonderful :D



Bring it on!
Congratulations. What an inspiration. Perhaps you should apply to be in the SW mag!!! :)
Totally awesome. You should go for the mag. You're really helpful and you've stuck with under really awkward work conditions. Outstanding, i can only aspire to get to my 5 stone award, people like you keep me going. Well done :)
Oh, God! Going in SW magazine? I would need to lose a bit more yet- maybe when I got nearer target?!

I would LOVE the makeover, but just dislike the way everyone is encouraged to slag off being bigger. There is always some comment about how someone was a 'whopping 14 stone' and they felt and looked disgusting. I find this really offensive as I am big but don't (and never have) considered myself in those terms. I know I was unhappy with being bigger, but it is easy to forget that someones 'disgusting' starting weight, is someone else's goal!

Sorry- getting a bit deep about it- I should just be considering the free haircut! lol



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wow that's AMAZING!!! :D well done sweetie!!! xxxx


Starting Again!
You should tell them the truth, whatever it may be, and your true reasons for making the change. Don't lie to them, because you'd directly be lying to us! You go there take the free hair cut, run off with the clothes and tell them you love being thin as much as you loved being fat!!

That sounded a bit bossy didn't it? Well it didn't mean to, but still!


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That's so true cocktailprincess...

Well done on all your achievements, you truly are amazing and look stunning in your pics! Jay xx
:flowers::flowers::flowers: A bunch for each achievement!

:0icanfly: Many many congrats to you!

Best wishes for the rest of your journey.

I am hoping I can follow in your footsteps. Abby x


Loves Norman Reedus
well done on your fantastic loss.
I have seen an absolutely beautiful lovelink in eastbourne. it is gold and glittered. they have it in every other colour but glittered. they are gorgeous.

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