3 months passed 41 pounds gone :)

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  1. stereo-love

    stereo-love Member

    If you are reading this your either on the programme or thinking about it.. Well if you want to lose weight faster than you never thought possible your in the right place!! This is the best thing I've ever done and I'm so grateful i heard about it! I was due to get married this summer and not losing weight fast enough now im preparing for my big day feeling lots more confident! At this point I have lost 6 inches off my hips, 5 inch from my waist, 3 inch from my bust, 3 inch underneath my bust, 3 inch from my arms, 3 inch from my thighs. 2 inch above and below my knee, and 0.8 from my ankle! Wow that's a lot of chub! I'm nearly in my ''healthy'' bmi range and I've never been happier take this from me! do not quit!! wait until your first weigh in at least, the results are so worth it! Good luck xxxxxxxx
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  3. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Awww thanks for that. My 2nd time round, day 6. I did amazing last time bit finding it hard this time. I know i need to just get past week one. Official weigh in tomorrow. Cant wait to get this damn weight off.
  4. msmunchy14

    msmunchy14 Member

    Thanks for that Stereo-love I will keep going.

    Goose this is my 6th day too I did this diet back in 2008 and lost 2 and a half stone for my wedding.
    Best thing I ever did. Pharmacy didn't tell me about the reefed or offer maintenance sachets so here I am back again .Feels different this time around, I haven't had that burst of energy like I did before plus my face is flushing a lot!!
    Been 100% not like before not even licked my fingers! lol Good luck with your weigh in mines ay 4pm. I shall post my results.

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