3 or 4 packs?

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  1. smanf

    smanf Full Member

    Morning everyone.

    I am just over 5'8" and currently only use 3 packs a day. My cdc advised me to try taking 4 packs on any days where i run/ excersise.

    I dont really feel hungry but wondered if i should be taking 4 packs every day regardless incase my body goes into starvation mode.

    Any advice appreciated.
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yes, you should be on 4 packs whether you are running or not.

    You need 4 packs for your height to get everything your body needs.

    If you are doing loads of exercise, you may well need more than 4...like the 810 plan.
  4. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Smanf, my CDC was confused on this and originally told me to stick to 3 for better weight loss... I was so hungry for 3 weeks, then started having 4 - felt better at once, and the weight loss was exactly the same. It means your body needs four packs, being taller than average, to cover all the nutritional basics. And if KD says 810 for anyone doing lots of exercise, I'd think about that too, she really does know what she is talking about!
  5. sonya

    sonya Full Member

    Smanf, I'm 5'9" and I was only taking 3 (as advised my previous CDC) and I felt really lethargic and woke up feeling like I had a hang over. My new CDC insisted that I have to take four and now I feel so much better.

    I agree that if you will be doing exercises as well then maybe you shoulder consider a different plan.

    Good luck Hun x.
  6. Slimbride2009

    Slimbride2009 Full Member

    I agree with everyone else that you should have 4 packs a day to meet your minimum nutritional requirements. I'm 5' 7" and I have 3 packs most days but on hungry days I have 4, as suggested by my CDC. In all the books they say anyone 5'8" and above should be having 4 packs a day. For your height I think if you have less than 4, your hair, skin, nails etc would suffer.
  7. Letty

    Letty Full Member

    Hi Smanf,
    I'm a hairs-breadth under 5'8" but CDC advised me to have 4 packs. At first I was sceptical and suspected her of 'upselling' me, but I was reassured it was right by Katycakes' experiences. I find I am never without energy or hungry and the fourth pack just give you that one extra 'meal' which makes the day easier. My weightloss hasn't suffered as far as I can see and I am happy with it.
  8. smanf

    smanf Full Member

    Thanx for all the replies. Im gonna move up to 4 packs today. Its not that im physically hungry but im so, so tired all the time!
  9. Letty

    Letty Full Member

    I which case I would guess that you will definitely feel better moving up- maybe cut down on the exercise a bit too? I did toning and the like last week for the first time since starting, and immediately felt washed out, which I hadn't till then. Even fell asleep in th afternoon afterwards!
  10. sylvielove

    sylvielove Full Member

    I have 4 packs, I'm 5' 8". I really don't think I could manage on 3 packs and totally respect all those who do it.

    Laura x
  11. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I did the diet on 3 packs as there was no SS+ then. Would have loved 4.

    Enjoy your 4th, it'll make the diet much more doable :clap:
  12. Slimbride2009

    Slimbride2009 Full Member

    I have a question though, what if you're under 5'8" and you have 4 packs a day? Would it hinder weight loss?

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