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3 people O/T


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
O.k here is a good on for ya, thought we might have some happy stuff today give us all something to think about you have to name 3 people in your life you love and say why , but the trick is they can't be family they have to be friends so not people you HAVE to love!!! Am in need of a cheer up ladies XXX
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Awww :)

1 - My fiance James (not yet technically family and don't have to love him, so counting him lol). He is amazing and completes me. I cannot imagine life without him and cannot wait to marry him :D

2 - My best friend Liz. We've been friends for 10 years and no matter what, she is there for me. Always. We're so alike in so many ways, but where we do differ, we compliment the variations well. We never fight, are always honest and she is the true definition of a best mate.

3 - My dear friend Emily. All the same reasons as Liz really. She is a totally selfless person (she works for the UN) and is amazing.
1. My boyfriend Mankee, he is such a lovely person and the most thoughtful person I know.

2. My best friend Michelle, even though we live 50 miles away and hardly get to see each other, she is always there for me and I am always there for her. We have been best friends since junior school.

3. My good friend Lou, she lives on the IOW and I swear I would go mad if i didnt have her to rant to sometimes! We talk a lot online about the most randomist things and she lets me chew her ear off and have a ***** when I need too lol.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
aww you see thats the sort of stuff...

1) is my bm steven he is totally insane and rubbish in a crisis but even though i know he is rubbish he still manages to make me feel like i know he is there if i need him and he brings me flowers lol

2)my bf because he made me realise that lies too short

3)My other best mate Jay because i could have just lost my arm and she could still find something funny to say about it XXX


Slow but sure....
1. My good friend Mabel who was the first friend I made when I moved to Norfolk 5 years ago.

2. Another good friend Angela who I met through the internet, we have yet to meet up.

3. Is another friend Florence who I met through the Internet and she lives in Pensylvannia,USA.

1. My best mate Nat who used to live in Cornwall and has now moved back, she just makes me laugh and when we see each other we just click again.

2.My friend Michelle. Very nice and though she lives ages away we stay in touch and just get on really well.

3. Is it really bad if i say there isn't a 3rd? I don't make friends easy and i reserve the love for the really special ones...and my family!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
My best friend Sue, because altho we haven't seen each other for a few years, we email and she would drop everything to come if I was in trouble. Plus she sends me the rudest B'day cards imaginable!

My consultant! SalleyAnne! Because she's a constant source of inspiration and she's always there for my SW crises.

I too have very few friends that I say I love, but I love my postman! In a purely platonic way of course! (well nearly! He has lovely legs when he wears his shorts in summer!) But he calls me "Pet" , he's always cheerful, and he brings me all my stuff off ebay!:p

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