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    Decided the best way to help me with my weight loss is to keep a running diary, we will see how long this will last as Ive always been shocking at keeping diaries etc.

    So my goal is to lose 3 stone, ideally I would like this gone by June.. I know this is quite a long shot but HEY god loves a trier! I lost 3 stone last year doing the Herbalife diet but due to personal problems, life etc I ended up putting it all back on :( So i've decided tbh although Herbalife is FAB I think the problem is more so my relationship with food, I think this is something that I need to address and I need to realise how to have a healthy diet. I've signed up to slimmers world and have my first meeting tonight, eeeek! Kinda nervous about the weigh ins etc, but have a feeling that a weigh in might embarrass me in to losing weight. So this is the start of my diary and hopefully will be updated regularly.

    Wish me luck slimmer :)

    Leasa x
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  3. Leasa_x

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    Hello Slimmers,

    Just came back from my FIRST slimming world meeting .. before a de tour of Aldi (cant believe how much they've upped their game lately). Was pretty nervous to begin with but was all fine. Think tonight has definitely shocked me, I really didnt realise how big I had gotten and tbqh i'm pretty ashamed of it. So my trip to aldi consisted of picking a few healthy things to tide me over before a big shop and also some snacky bits throughout the days. Bit confused by the green days/red day/'light?' days etc but i'm sure I will get there .. so heres to wishing me luck. Also joined the gym today, a so 6.30 alarm clock for the morning and gonna try pack in two gym sessions every week day ... we'll see lol.

    Leasa xo

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