3 weeks 21lbs.....


Needs to stick to it!!!
Well here we go..day 1.....on CD ...been on it b4 and did pretty good...screwed up and gained it all back again..but hopefully wont do that again!! i really dont wanna go thru it all again..but then who of us does eh..haha..

Lil' background bout me...im 30...sumthin lol...3 kids (14,12 n 20months) yah mental me i kno hah :D n live in Co.Kildare,Ireland...with said kiddies n hubby!

gotta whole lotta weight to lose :( but hopefully wont take toooo long!anyway..here is me :D and heres to day 1.....!!
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Well done for taking the first step in getting back on the wagon. You know what you have to do and you will sonn be feling slimmer and better about yourself.

This site is fab for support!


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Here's to your day 1 Mags:)

We're with you all the way so just post whenever you need to.

Lacey xx :D


Needs to stick to it!!!
Thank you girls :) cant wait to get the 1st weigh in behind me to realise i actually have started!!!!!LOL if that makes any sense at all!!


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Hi I'm restarting today too. Have only regained about half a stone but I hadnt got to goal yet!

Good luck to you, I know exactly what you mean about the weigh in. I need that too I think


Needs to stick to it!!!
Well done kati!!wish i had stuck to things a bit better but hey wat can ye do ...whats done is done now....and now its just time to move on!:)


Needs to stick to it!!!
Well day 1 outta the way wasnt too bad at all didnt really want anything to eat altho did check out the junk food cupboard why oh whyyyyy did i do groc shopping the day before starting a diet lol...i should have eaten it all first ahhahahha....tried the broc n cheese soup i was soo lookin forward to it..but oh yuckkkkkk how awful was it i couldnt even finish it off! Have never tried to make any of the chips or muffins but i mite give it a go this time around...Got a bit of a headache today now...was sorta expecting it ...trying to get used to drinkin all the water again!!my daughter brought me in breakfast this mornin n i just looked at her and she was like..oh ****..sorry mum i forgot!!lol n hurried back outta the room again..haha ..well heres to a slimmer summer..HOPEFULLY!!! :D

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Well day one out of the way. The brocolli and cheese soup is an acquired taste. First time I had it I wasn't sure but really like it now I think the texture is the best of the soups.

Well done on avoiding the breakfast.

It can be helpful first few days, especially over a weekend to split the packs so you end up with more portions.

See how you go.



Needs to stick to it!!!
thanks CD Councellor, morning and afternoon im not too bad about eatin but if she had brought me in somethin in at nite lol god knows wat would have happened!!!

Day 3 here now...feelin pretty damn hungry ..but then ive only had one shake so far..so jus get my a'ss in there n make one you say...yeh i wil..after surfin for a while haha...
Everythin is goin pretty well havent cheated at all, altho got a tad bit stressed last nite n was gonna have some crisps..thought to myself well its only day 2..so its not like im screwin up 5 months worth of work...but then ..wat happens next time..when im on it a month..bah..needless to say i didnt eat anythin...I have to keep rememberin NOT to try the lil fella's food before he eats it to make sure its not too hot lol its amazin how easy i can forget that im NOT supposta be eating haha...im still in that sorta headachey/pissed off i cant eat mode lol hopefully ill lose that in the next day or so...PLEASE let me lose it LOL
well havin said that think i betta go get that shake..lol or eat this tin of cookies that are bside me!!! :D


Needs to stick to it!!!
Well friday is weigh in day god i hope ive done well...need that lil bit of a boost....god i was so hungry last nite about half 12 lol ...god just looked at the sausages that i had bought earlier and thought mmmmm sausie sammich lol was soo tempted..but didnt..thank god i would have been kickin myself today had i done it!!!i so cant wait till friday now and see what the loss is...please let it be a nice number!!!hehe...


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Sounds like you are going great guns Mags! I remember from my last time that I did get to the point where I loved cooking for my hub and kids just so I could sniff it!

Good luck for Friday.



Needs to stick to it!!!
Nat haha yah i remember that too think i drove everyone nutz cuz all i wanted to do was cook lol !! how are you gettin on wit restarting????


Needs to stick to it!!!
Ahhh hubby made dinner last nite..*he's such a good cook* and ohhh my god..lol talk about tempted!!i walked into the kitchen n hes like sorry babe i kno yah like this dinner...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....it looked soo yummy!!so i made the crisps instead...with the broc n cheese as its the only one i had left..eww didnt like them at all!:( i was hoping i would..maybe they taste different with the veg soup..i like the veggy soup its lovely!!

Well today is weigh in day....not till later on tonite...i suppose i should still hav my packs and water..lol jus thinkin it mite add on to the weight lol but i suppose itll all even out eventually....i have to say i think it is definitly harder starting again...ohhh hopefully never again now after this time!!!:D


Needs to stick to it!!!
11 pounds gone!!!YAHOooooooooooooooooooo.........i felt like crap last nite so just went to bed....feelin better today..so far hahaha..got some bars last nite so hopefully it wont slow my loss down for next week!!
Suppose if i started some exercise that would help...wouldnt it??
its not such a bad start at all really :D :D :D


Needs to stick to it!!!
well week 2 and 17 lbs off..lost 6 tonight so not so bad at all no...as pretty worried about it..such a crap week now in all honesty..hopefully now this week will be ohh so much better..!!!!! was thinkin about trying to exercise as well but it always seems to be put till tomorrow and of course lol tomorrow never comes and all of a sudden its weigh in day again....lol.


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Hi Mags,

Congratulations and well done 17lbs. is fantastic!!!

Your flying it.:D

Love Mini xxx


Needs to stick to it!!!
Thanks mini!! it was defo a struggle this week..wow just a bad week all round..hopefully that wont happen again anytime soon lol ..


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17lbs is brilliant Mags.

I love the cheese and broccoli soup - strange isn't it how people like/hate flavours??

Lovely part of the world you are in there - are you able to come to the Dublin meet at end of June??


hello mags.well done on 17lbs. I hope you don't mind me asking,did you regain your weight when you were expecting the baby?


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hiya Flirty...id say there shouldnt be much problem with me making it, just have to check it doesnt clash with any of the bike races lol...id love to go tho :) ..ohh the broc one yuckkky..lol..i was jus so lookin forward to it to haha veg is my fav now hehe.....

Jane..hiya..thanks...i never stopped cuz i was preg hun?maybe your mixin me up with someone else?:)ur doin great too!!!