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30 Day Challenges - Were You 100% Today? Honk Here!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Off Topic' started by Mrsfeeneytobe, 17 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Hey folks!

    As some of you may know...I naively started the 30 day squat challenge on here with a small group of fellow S&S'rs back in November and it seems to have taken off in various forms ever since.

    So after a bit of nudging from my cohorts I have pulled together a variety of 30 Day Challenges that we can all do to get any wobbly bits moving and more toned as we slim down to our dream bodies.

    Well now a few of you have already kicked off your various challenges, I figured it might be useful to have a thread to cheer each other on and welcome new peeps on the challenge bus! :)

    The rules are simple:
    1) select a challenge (or more if you're feeling like a warrior)
    2) Take measurements of the targeted areas
    3) Complete the allotted number of reps for each day
    4) Honk on here when you're done

    30 Day Challenge Plans
    Here is a list of the various challenges you may wish to take up (again; you don't have to do more than one - but you are of course welcome to) :cool:

    1) 30 Day Squats Challenge:30 Day Squat Challenge
    2) 30 Day Wall Squat Challenge: 30 Day Wall Squat Challenge
    3) 30 Walking Lunges Challenge: 30 Day Walking Lunges Challenge
    4) 30 Day Push Up Challenge: 30 Day Push Up Challenge
    5) 30 Day Abs Challenge:30 Day Abs Challenge
    6) 30 Day Crunches Challenge:30 Day Crunches Challenge
    7) 30 Day Guns, Buns & Abs Challenge: 30 Day Guns, Buns & Abs Challenge
    8) 30 Plank Challenge: 30 Day Plank Challenge
    9) 30 day Abs & Squats Challenge (combined):30 Day Abs & Squat Challenge
    10) 30 Day Arms Challenge: 30 Day Arms Challenge
    11) 30 day Walking Challenge: The challenge is to walk 10,000 steps every day for 30 days. Research shows that 10,000 is the number of steps you need to take to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Wear a pedometer or use a smartphone app to track how many steps you take in a day. Get moving and take this 30 day pedometer challenge. Each participant must wear a pedometer and report back with the number of steps he or she took that day.

    Remember to rest on the rest days and make sure you do them properly so you don't hurt yourself

    I've printed off a copy and stuck it to my fridge so i don't forget...so here goes 2014 and the journey to perkier buns, leaner thighs, enjoy the ride :D
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  3. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    Let's kick this off!! I'm going for warrior!!

    I'm currently doing:
    * 30 day squat challenge (on day 16 of 30) - not noticing any change in my bum or thighs but I am finding them easier each day.
    * 30 day plank challenge (on day 10 of 30) - really noticing that I can hold the plank pose without shaking like a leaf much much easier!! Yay.
    * 30 day arms challenge (on day 10 of 30) - noticing a little bit of definition, but really really wanna get these bingo wings to stop flapping!! :(
    * 30 day ab challenge (on day 4 of 30) - moves are getting easier but too early to notice any change.

    Will have a looky at some of the others as the combined ones might be more beneficial when time saving! ;)

    Good luck everyone! It really helps to print it off and tick each day - makes you feel like it's more of an achievement!!

    And honkity honk honk on my days so far!

  4. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    GO SAMMY GO!!! Sammy the warrior princess eh?! I wanna see awesome buns, guns and abs from you :D
    CornishTT likes this.
  5. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    I know - can't believe there was a combined one! Grr.
    Ah well! Xx
  6. CornishTT

    CornishTT Whatever it takes!

    OK, count me in!!

    Ideally I would love to join the gym and workout there, I find if I can take myself away from home I can really focus on the work out at hand. However, we are tightening our belts financial (who isn't) so I am going to workout from home instead of joining the gym, straight after the kids go to bed, thanks Mrs for starting this thread!

    I am going to go the warrior route, (Thanks Sammy for inspiring me) - 3 challenges. I'm doing the Arms Challenge, the Abs Challenge and the Guns buns & abs Challenge. I figure it will be an all over body workout and I love the way it starts off small in number, maybe a 10 minute workout but gradually gets longer as time (and hopefully fitness) improve. The 3 workouts will cover these exercises:
    Tricep Dips
    Mountain Climbers
    Sit Ups - going to substitute for bicycle crunches as back/coccyx issues
    Leg Raises
    Push Ups (from the abs, guns and buns challenge), and
    Leg Lifts.

    I know it seems a lot but I reckon starting off which such few repetitions and working up my fitness is a brill way and I'm a in for a penny in for a pound kinda girl.

    Day one starts today, I will take measurements but also take photos today and compare on day 30. Here comes the pain, lalalala, lol...
    Last edited: 18 January 2014
  7. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Amazing - there is practically a warrior army. I'm going to start slow with the devil I know - so squats for me. I may add planks in on the first of February especially as I have committed elsewhere to trying on something in a 14 on 14 Feb. I'm fine until I suddenly find I'm out of the house from 8 till 11 and have to do 250 squats, god knows how long a plank and 15 minutes of my meditation. If I can just find time I will be a steel bunned oasis of calm by March.
  8. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Errr you're still doing plenty woman!

    the sit-ups and crunches are killing my lower back too....so I got a towel and put it on the mat between me and the mat and used a ball in my hands out stretched and did them that way....helped ALOT!

  9. CornishTT

    CornishTT Whatever it takes!

    View attachment 30 day Challenge 1.xlsx (amended it again as last one too easy!)

    So, just to clarify what I am doing, I have amended the above challenges (hope you don't mind mrs) to suit me, so this is my paper to stick to my fridge:
    Last edited: 21 January 2014
  10. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Congratulations on your first day at your home gym and the 30 Day Fitness Challenge! Loving the warrior approach too:)

    I'm with you on cutting back financially - luckily my gym membership is an off peak one and is £22.50 per month coz Ive known the manager for years!

    These challenges are great way to get the exercise in for free! No excuses! As well as of course doing it all in private haha! You're very right about improving fitness as the reps increase to do that...here's to a fitter and trimmer you madam :D
  11. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Oh how you love the squats haha! I really don't envy you towards the end and being out and about....but you now its worth it :)
  12. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Hun...do what works for you is the key here :)

    Get it done and come back to get your pat on the back xx
  13. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    So as the instigator of all this madness I thought I'd better get on here and fess up on what I've been up to:

    Day 2 of the combined Abs and SquatsChallenge for me....I'm hopeless at sit-ups and crunches!

    Modified with towel under my lower back/top of bum....and a pilates ball to help with the evil abs bits Grrrrr!

    Also been to the gym and done some resistence band toning work too....I should sleep well tonight haha xx
  14. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Honk for squats. Strangely did them all at once before I knew what I was doing.
  15. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Whoop whoop! That's coz you're a pro at them now ;) x
  16. CornishTT

    CornishTT Whatever it takes!

    Nope, didn't happen for me. I had a bleh evening and didn't get off the ground (read couch). Will start on Monday. This warrior has not donned her armour yet.

    Well done you lot for your efforts x
  17. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Dont worry....I don't blame you....wish I had done the same as I'm feeling it now lol x
  18. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    My bum and inner thighs don't like me today....they hurt!!!! :cry:

    I have to go to a kids party later and fear I won't be able to move....will prob get stuck in the car for a start....haha!

  19. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    They do seem easier this time around but that maybe because it's only day 2 and we're not doing 100's yet. 60 done and dusted so honking for today. My OH has gone for a run today. Totally unconnected to me finally weighing less than him, I'm sure. ;)
  20. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Haha you wait till the 100s come back....you won't be saying that :)

    must be so good weighing less than OH....I can't wait to get to that point x
  21. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member


    i was naughty and physically couldn't do my reps for yesterday...my thighs were broken...kind of still are.....so gonna have to play catch up today....xx

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