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30 Day Shred/6 Wk 6 Pack on Dukan?

Hi guys :) This is my first post in this forum! :) Have been on Dukan for about 2 weeks now, in Cruise atm but not getting much loss, 8lbs :(

Before I started this diet I was trying the healthy eating and exercise (2 Jillian Michaels DVDs in title) thing but gave up as I moved house and didn't have the room to do them anymore.

I did see results and they weren't too hard (6W6P ALOT harder than 30DS but manageable) for me to do, but I was wondering if I can start 30DS again whilst doing Dukan?

The book says not to do intense workouts but obviously it is intense, but it's only ~30 mins a day. I would like to start again but I don't seem to have the energy. I am getting my walking and more in as I work in a job where I am constantly on my feet.

What would you recommend, to do or not to do 30DS?
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Ooooh you are brave - I have the 30 day shred and have done it once only. Thought I was going to die!

Not an expert (and there are plenty on here who will come on soon with real advice) but I would have thought it would depend a lot on how fit you already are. Also, extreme exercise, I would say, is a bad idea in Attack, as your body is already being put under pressure just from the diet alone.

But since you are in Cruise, and have been doing these type of dvds up to now, I can't see there being too much of a problem with you continuing. (Apologies if it turns out this is completely wrong!)

There are a lot on here who continue to run and do other types of exercise other than just walking. I go to zumba classes and feel it really benefits me.

That really wasn't a lot of help was it?!

Anyway, welcome and well done on the 8lbs loss. That's a BIG loss - have you actually carried 8lbs of something? It's a lot of weight!
Hi Bijoux,
I do 30 Day Shred, have been using it for a good long while and I still use it while on Dukan... It IS high intensity but when you actually break it down it doesn't burn THAT many calories *around 220* so energy-wise I'm still getting enough to get through the day! I'm not sure that helps but just my experience x Best of luck with Cruise :)
Hello -I'm doing 30DS religiously every single day. I wear a pulse watch and burn way more than 220 cals - but I do really go for it and stick with the advanced routines!
Level 2 - I really noticed a huge improvement on my abs - almost washboard stomach in 10 days! In the past i have Always lost weight first on tummy but not with DD, it targeted over areas first, so this section was a real boost!
Are your abs your trouble area? Where have you lost weight mostly?
Good luck with your choice of exercise! :)
Whoa Christell, how many calories do you lose doing it? I'm on Level 3 too, is it a lot more than 220? I know the more you weigh the more you burn but there's only a 10/11lbs difference between us so maybe I'm doing something wrong?! What I like most about 30DS is the strength it gives you, I really noticed the difference after about 5days...it's a great programme x


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Why not do the shred a bit more slowly? That reduces the intensity. And rather than daily, do it three times a week to start with, giving yourself recovery time in between. Or do just 15 mins to start with.
I am on day 4 of 30DS at level 1. I am really enjoying it and I'm hoping it will firm me up and help me lose the last two pounds. I have a family wedding in 3 weeks time and I shall love dressing up at my new weight.
I am on day 4 of 30DS at level 1. I am really enjoying it and I'm hoping it will firm me up and help me lose the last two pounds. I have a family wedding in 3 weeks time and I shall love dressing up at my new weight.
It really does work, I lost 9lbs and 2-4inches on bust, waist and hips after the 30 days :D and that was just following Anita! Can't keep up with Natalie(?) and Jillian! :eek:

Still haven't started it up again, I have no energy. I dunno if it's the DD or the fact that I start work at 5am or both. :confused:
Wkdstepmum / I do a power walk before hand - without pulse watch on - so I think my heart rate is already up there, which is why I'm burning more. I also follow Natalie and really work hard.
I lost 2 cm around my waist in 10 weeks - no joke!!!
Love this DVD!
I am going to try this, read on a few sites that you burn about 200 calories on Level 1.
How is everyone else getting on?
Bijoux now your in cruise the diet shouldn't be making you tired, are you taking vitamins?

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