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30 day shred? anyone doing this? it just nearly killed me!!! lol



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lol well done on your first day. i'm on day 8 but i skipped today and did a davina dvd instead to give myself a break. its pretty hard going but i would imagine if we stick to it we will see good results. keep at it :)
well done you! =] god its mostly the jumprope bit and jumping jacks where u dont get a break i was swearing at her lol i will keep at it though hopefully in time will be able to do a bit more =] im a wuss xxxxx
I'm doing it too. It's fab... But huuuurts! On day 4 and it gets easier but I would rather curl up with a mag and say sod it lol


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i'm ok with the cardio now...well ...just, its the weights that kill me, i'm usually swearing at her too, good job she can't hear me haha xx
i do feel a bit **** for not dong it all the way thru but i actually felt sick =[ ill try again tomorrow but get a feeling i may be just way too rubbish for it. kinda pissed off with myself to be fair xxx


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don't be daft you!! the fact we even attempt this dvd is fantastic lol, we should have a gold medal :)
keep at it, trust me, day 1 i was ready for throwing in the towel AND i ached from head to toe up until day 6, it finally started easing. it'll get better, you did great!! x
ill try i am really rubbish with exercise anyway i walk to the fridge that bout it , just started walking more with the pram but thats bout it. i should never of learnt to drive, or cook things lol! ill have another go tomorrow and keep my inhaler handy! =] xxxx
i got the biggest loser for the xbox kinect i managed 10 minutes and was screaming at the trainer to f off lol that was a month ago its been in the drawer ever since maybe i should give it another go. I also got coleens body workout today so gonna give that a go in the morning my hubby said it will just gather dust like the other ones you have bought to be honest he's probably right lol

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I love it - but - REVERSE abs kill me'!!
Theres a few threads on this topic about - including one in the teams section if you need a bit of moral support.

I restarted again tonight too - having done it before I can reassure you that it really DOES get easier after a few days. Dont be disappointed that you couldnt finish it - there are people on here and on other forums who are VERY fit and who say it is a difficult workout.

Give yourself a big pat on the back for actually getting up and giving it a go!
I looked this up, because I couldn't imagine what the "30 day shred" could possibly mean.

I just can't see what "shred" means in the context of exercise. Shred to me means to cut up into little pieces!


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I've just done Day 5 Level 1. I do it every other day and today was my first time I did all the jumping jacks, so it does get easier! My language hasn't improved tho :p Oh and I'm 60.

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