30 day shred question.......


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You can do it, but it will be hard.

When I first tried it, I would have said that I was in OK-ish condition, as I walk a mile or two every day with the dog and enjoy cycling every now and then etc. And the first time I did it, it damned nearly killed me. And I couldn't do most of the strength bits (the press-ups and bits with the weights). But after doing it every day for a week, I was finding it much easier! I was surprised how quickly my body responded!! So yes it will be hard, but stick with it and you will be amazed at how quickly it gets easier, and also at how your muscles tone!


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I did it this morning for the first time and I consider myself VERY unfit and out of shape....... but I managed it. It was hard yes, very hard, but not impossible :)


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I'm on day 3 - and very unfit - and I have managed it so far. I am really impressed with it - because it is broken down into such tiny chunks I find i can manage each section - I am just about to stop and she seems to say just 4 more so i get there