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    im doing my own version on a VLCD because here in spain there isnt LL or CD or anything like that. I ham having a generic shake three times a day made with water not milk. ive worked out that im am on about 300 calories per day. is this too low?

    i am bored stiff, having problems drinking enough water and really want a change but in 2 weeks i have lost 10 lbs and i am terrified of putting the weight back on again.

    i am an overeater and my main reason to do this VLCD(which i have chosen to do for 4 wks) was to reduce my hunger so that when i begin eating again my stomach will have shrunk somewhat and i will be fuller quicker. i intend to reevaluate my eating habits and cook all my own food each week. i have been anorexic in the past, but now i have gone full circle. im trying to change my attitude towards food but it is proving harder that id thought.

    please help me. may i drink anything else?
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    its probably not that low but if your product has a name reserch it and find out that way, id also make sure it has RDA figures so tht you can make sure your getting your RDA and i think CD have world wide councellors cambridge diet distributors europe()
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    300 sounds very low, I think CD is about 470. You are right about your stomach shrinking but you will also go into starvation mode so your body will need less when you stop. Make sure you take vitamin and mineral supplements and I would worry if you did this for too long. I'm sure somebody will come along and give you some proper nutritional advice soon.
  5. SoonToBeGorgeous

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    Cambridge Plan
    This was posted on the Cambridge threads

    It is most definitely a dangerous way of doing any VLCD.

    Cambridge, Lighterlife, Lipotrim, etc are all carefully formulated to make sure that the vitamin and mineral content is correct so as not to make someone ill.

    If you formulate your own 1000 cal diet you will be short of nutrients never mind doing one of your own making that is 300 cals.

    You really are being very silly.

    There are Cambridge distributors in Europe but I would doubt that they would allow you to start Cambridge officially due to your being anorexic.

    Have you seen a GP in Spain? Are you sure that your anorexia hasn't presented itself again?
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    Slimming World
    hey there,

    Why don't you order off ebay? I know its not recomended but at least you will be getting the real shakes.... good luck!! :)
  7. Sleeping Princess

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    Body Cycle Program

    300 cals = 1260 kj's - you will slow done your metabolic rate, body will go into starvation, burn muscle and store more fat!

    No one could survive on this honey! It's way too low - you need to eat to burn fat! Depression sets in when kj's are massively restricted, you become bored, irritated and ill - more prone to infections!

    Balance is the key! Low kj's such as this create yo-yo dieting....you will gain more weight than you started if you continue this!


    Sleeping Princess
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    Why don't you try the Johnson Upday Downday Diet?
    Johnson Upday Downday Diet I've lost 44 lbs doing it...Bug

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