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30day shred...

Started my shred last night weighed myself just before starting and I was 16.9.

Got thru the work out but couldn't do the jumping jack, jump rope or leg kicks as I am in the spare room and could see myself landing in the living room (footy is on so OH wouldnt be best pleased) am doin these exercises just not actually jumping static lifting lol if that's what you'd call it, whatever you call it my calfs are like jelly lol!

Anyway was mean to start CD again today but forgot my shakes, had some chicken and lettuce at lunch, but with sweet chilli sauce in the side. Have packed my bag for tomorrow and have stuffed a load of shakes in it to keep in my locker!!

Have just Completed day 2 on shred. I woke up this morning and didn't feel any effects of day 1 until I bent down at work to pick something up off the floor and I struggled to get up lol my thighs were burning. Come home and completed my shred again not really doing the jumping but got thru it. Weighed myself and am 16.3. So have lost 3lbs since last night :eek:)
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More like 6 if my calculations are right!! :cool:
i'm also on day 2... it's gonna be a fun 30 days i can already tell as i'm whacked and heading directly to bed now
I started 30 day shred today and think it's going to make a massive difference to my shape. I've been on SS for just under 6 weeks now, so need up raise the bar to keep the lbs falling off and for the sake of 20 minutes a day it's a no brainer. We should buddy up?
Excuse my ignorance but what is a 30 day shred? And what does it involve? Xx
It's a DVD by jillian michaels the trainer off the biggest loser. You're meant to do it every day for 30 and it can help you shift up to 20lbs and tone up. It's in 3 sections of 20 minutes each and you do each section for 10 days before moving to the next one. Is really popular on here, so thought I'd give it a go.
Ah cool thanks X


My husband = My hero
Well done my lovelies!!!!

You will absolutely notice a difference! It's amazing

Cant wait to see all your photos Abd inch loss!

Promise your self you will do the 30 days no missing any out no excuses and I swear you won't beat the feeling when you finish day 30!!

Good luck xxxx


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I'm starting this on Monday, my other half found it on his download web site so it cost me nothing either, watched 10 minutes of it and it look fab!
Day 3 is sooo done!! got it out of the way first thing this am... i'm bad if i don't do it first thing, I find i think about it all day and it just puts a damper on how my day is doing. What weights are you all using? Mine are 5lbs each, by the time i'm done, i'm pooped
I'm starting this on Monday, my other half found it on his download web site so it cost me nothing either, watched 10 minutes of it and it look fab!
I start on Monday too!!! I little scared - but going to do it anyways.
I don't WI untill Saturday (after 2weeks), so intersted to see how if done with SS & no excerise.
I'm hoping Shred will help with shifting the "target areas" & help to tone up everything else!!
My DVD arrived yesterday so about to put kids food in cooker and then go and turn it on and give it a try - bet they will laugh their socks off at me!!!!!
Day 1 shred done - My 2 year old did it with me - and she managed it - My Hubby though it was hysterical!!
Day 1 shred done - My 2 year old did it with me - and she managed it - My Hubby though it was hysterical!!
Congrats on day 1! I do it as I get up, before preparing breakfast. In the living room with the door closed... everyone KNOWS not to bother me for the following 20mns and they rarely do, except my 2 year old son, who usually wants to lift the weights...
haven't got as far as the weights yet - have a shoulder injury waiting for surgery so will keep away from them til after that!
Day 3 done. Weird but i'm actually starting to enjoy it. Have to do it as soon as I get home, to make sure I don't get distracted by important things (like eastenders lol). How's everyone else getting on? Setas wouldn't worry about the weights those lung raises are killer either way x
Hey ladies, day 4 done!! I do it AS soon as I get up because otherwise, I think about it all day and it hangs over my head like some guilt trip. I love the feeling of having achieved my workout, makes me understand that I HAVE willpower!!
Day 4 done, glad I've got it out the way, as I could feel myself making excuses if why I had to stay on the sofa watching bad tv. How are you finding it enlightenme? Seems to be getting easier the more I do it, just got to keep doing it. Know what you mean about feeling in control once you've done it x
Yes well day 5. It does get easier but then the first 10 days are easy... It gets slightly harder on level 2. Some of those exercises are killer!!! But hey it's part of the game right? Glad that was done this am!!

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