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30lb to lose..herez my diary..

Dear all,
After hanging around this forums -on and off - for years on the strugglers and restarters forums, I am finally here. Stuck long enough to my exercise routine to start a diary...

My background: I am 29yrs, 5'4" in height and weigh around 71 kg (156lb). I've been overweight since about 10 yrs now! I had a naturally slim body until then, but I abused it by overeating junk all the time...I've had many failed attempts at losing weight before... I am married and I have a 2yr old child. I put on weight during pregnancy and lost all of it without any particular effort...so you understand what I mean, I forced my body into putting on weight by eating junk for most meals...

I am a freelance consultant in the financial services sector. I have a very busy stressful life - managing home, work and a 2yr old...somewhere in all this, I was perhaps a bit depressed and over ate a lot...... I am determined more than ever to lose weight... I want to work hard to lose all my excess weight only with exercise and sensible eating... also, I want to be taken seriously at work...I mean, I want my committment and determination to show... I want my clients to be more confident about me...I dont mean fat ppl are bad workers...but dont you agree that there is an air of confidence about fit ppl?

Anyway, I started working out in a gym about 1.5 weeks ago... I already lost 1kg!! yay!! I'll record all my activity here!
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Well done on your loss and good luck :)
okay...so this is what I do at the gym (5 times a week)

30 mins - Elliptical cross trainer (level 3-5 I target burning 200 kcal)

10mins - Treadmill (0 incline, 5.5-6 speed) burning 50 kcal

Upper chest exercises - on the machine - 40 reps with 10 kg weight.

Breakfast: 7am: a bowl of cherios with semi skimmed milk
Snack: 10:30am - 1 medium apple
***workout*** 11:45am to 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:45pm: Subway sandwich (veggie delite) without cheese
Snack: 4pm: Medium apple
Dinner: 730pm: Rice and curry

Weigh day: Thursday

Please feel free to comment if you think I am not doing something right...
Good Day everyone! I've been increasingly tired the whole time... I've been sipping orange juice since morning to have energy for the 11:30 am workout....

Will update this post after my workout
What a workout!! I loved the gym today...there was a pump-and-thump class going on right next to me...I want to lose atleast 12lb before I sign up for a class... at this level of fitness, the class seemed quite vigourous for me...I'd have fainted half way through...lol...the music was super motivating...I stuck to my 40 mins cardio (and burnt 279kcal)...I also did 50 counts of 2 upper chest exercises with 10kg weight settings....

I am dead scared of the weekend coming up... I am scared I'll eat crap and not move my ass at all.....I'll try to put my couch-to-5k podcast to some use tomorrow...sunday will be rest.

Schedule today:

half eaten breakfast (was running late for the train)
150ml orange+mango tropicana juice
1 banana
2 pieces of bread + Tomato roast pepper soup (LUNCH)
330pm Apple
4pm: 3.5 mile walk
7pm: Rice+Curry dinner

Lets see how it goes!
Been to the gym today...eating rice+curry for lunch right now. I've decided to make some important changes to my routine now.

1. No carbs in dinner
2. Drink atleast 2 lt of water
3. Add weight training to my workout (will post separately about this)

I am still feeling very tired before the workout...perhaps because my breakfast is not good enough... Quickly eating Cherios in milk - all I can within 5 mins at 7am and then not eating anything until 12pm is perhaps not correct... I'll have a snack at 10:30 from tomorrow

Perhaps because of the energy thingy may be, I am feeling really really weak after the workout, I need to sort this out...quick!

Workout today:

30 mins on the cross trainer : ~225 kcal

Planning to go for a walk at 4pm...if that works out, I'll burn some more may be!
Yay! Topped up with a 3.5 mile walk...I took an hour for this though... Just gym tomorrow and will try to do it in 50 mins sometime this week...

Had salad and egg white for dinner...
Had a hot shower and what I feel now is perhaps called heaven! Slightly aching legs, tired body and a nice bed.... What more!
Last 2 weeks have been quite hectic...my schedule suffered...lost appx 2lb....not sure what going on with my body...2lb seems to be the maximum I can lose!

Not much motivation with the gym these days...I have very limited number of good songs on my ipod... I depend heavily on music for my workouts... listening to same music everyday is not exciting me! I burned just 158 in the gym today...did some weights too..but bad...not enough to move fat....I am going to download some really good music today....will start next week with renewed enthu and super motivating music....target for next week is to force the scales to tip into the 60's (Kg)....
I can see loads of difference in my body though.... I used to be a size 14...Tops are a bit loose now...but with jeans, I not only fit into the size 12 that I bought for motivation, but I now need to use a belt with it! yay!! but I am dying to see good progress on the scales too...

more next week...ciao!
Know what you mean about the music for the gym! Need to update mine too! I get bored of the gym so much quicker if I'm bored of my songs! Well done on needing a belt for the size 12!!
Hi Tulipz..

Your doing great and seem to be super motivated :D

Can I just ask if your eating back your exercise cals?? It's just your saying your feeling weak and it's possible your not giving your body enough energy for the exercise your doing..Caroline g wrote a very good thread in the cc section explaining why you should. It's worth a read.. Personally I don't always but if I'm doing a Zumba class then I make sure I eat at least some of them back ..

Good luck on your journey :)
For gym music, my favourites are 101 running songs (there are so many of them on there you get good variety) and the work out mix 2011. This has 3 1 hour mixes and a bunch of dancey songs. Neither albums were expensive but between then i have more than 8 hours of good stuff to listen to whilst I plod away. My other half also favours the rocky 3 soundtrack, but it a bit blokey for me!
Yay! Updated my workout music... I have a cool podcast called Couch to Running or something... its awesome! I want to be a runner some day... so this is good motivation!

Anyway...the weakness continues (or may be losing motivation?)...I need a kick on my butt please! A big one!

I eat within appx 15 mins of workout... I usually have Bread + Soup or a veggie delite sub (without cheese)

I am fine after the workout... but I have absolutely no energy for the workout....I have a good breakfast...Cereal + semi skimmed milk...I also have a banana at around 11am...

Still no energy? I am convinced its gotto do with falling motivation levels....Kick please!!
You just need to push yourself I think. Do any of your friends go to the gym or want to start? That might help if you motivate each other.
You just need to push yourself I think. Do any of your friends go to the gym or want to start? That might help if you motivate each other.

Agree that I need to push myself harder... I have friends that go to the gym...but since we all use the office gym, its difficult to coordinate and go together...we catch up often...but thats it...

Yesteday was good...Managed 25min on the cross trainer, 60reps each on 2 different upper body weights machines... felt a little sore, my arms are still a bit sore...but I love it!

Anyway, is it just me that doesnt sweat a lot during workout? I see ppl dripping in sweat...I push my self hard enough... 20+min on the cross trainer on level6+ setting itself should make me sweat... I hardly fill up a tissue paper!
Thoughts anyone??
I don't sweat much when I'm just doing cardio stuff. Like I do on my face a bit and stuff but not like dripping with sweat like other people are! But when I do weight training I sweat a lot. Still not as much as other people, but a lot for me lol.

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