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362 Days to wedding! 5 Stone to lose! Need buddies to keep motivated!

Hey All,

So ive booked my wedding day finally and its 26th July 2008!
Problem is ive got about 5 stone to lose!
Feeling quite down and depressed about this!
This wasnt helped by the fact that i went to try wedding dresses on for ideas on Saturday and she basically said that they didnt have anything in my size or suitable for me! Typical Pretty Woman type scene!!
She wouldnt even let me look at the styles in smaller sizes even though my dress would be made to my size!! :cry::cry::cry:

Anyway this gave me a major incentive to lose the weight!
So i had a meeting with my Cambridge Diet Counsellor today and i start the diet tomorrow!
Looking forward to it but yet still very scared! :eek: :eek:

Just wondered if anybody was in the same boat as me and if they wanted to be support buddies to keep me motivated!

Looby x
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Looby

You will have that 5 stone off by the end of this year if you drink the old water, and then you can spend the start of next year maintaining before the big day.

Good luck on the diet! Just remember that it works if you stick to it and everything else will fit into palce.

Go for it

Hey Thanks

Ive been reading about your TT operation for the last few weeks!
think your so brave!

I am hoping that as im 15st stone now and i want to be down to ten that i might not need to hae that done!

Im hoping that with youth on my side that mother nature may befriend me and give me a helping hand!

Do you know if im allowed to exercise on this diet? Im planning on starting running as it is the only thing i like to do! i detest the gym but love jogging and running!

Anyway just wanted to say WELL DONE with the huge weight loss!
Thats brilliant and just spurs me on even more!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Loobyloo - you'll get the weight off!!!

With respect to your dress shopping experience, that's dreadful... A friend of mine was the same as you and she was able to try dresses on - they just held them together at the back.. (Although they had to do that with me too and I was only a size 16-18!!!! In part because dress sizes are usually out by 2 sizes - ie I was a size 10-12 on my wedding day and my dress was a size 14.. There was NO WAY I would have fitted in a 10!! So dont get disheartened by the sizing, it's the fit of the dress which matters, not the number on the label!!)

There are bridal shops out there who stock larger sizes, just for you to have a look at what sort of styles you think you like! Having said that, you've got about 4 months until you really need to order your dress - you could be 4 stone down by then and well on your way to your target!! Any further weight you lose from when you order can be easily absorbed - I lost 6lb in the last 2 weeks before the wedding and we just simply laced the dress in more tightly! You can alter it down two dress sizes too if needed!!!

Good luck with the weight loss!! Have a wonderful time planning, it goes so quickly!!! You'll be walking down the aisle in that beautiful slim dress before you know it!!



The Diet Guy
Hey Thanks

Ive been reading about your TT operation for the last few weeks!
think your so brave!

I am hoping that as im 15st stone now and i want to be down to ten that i might not need to hae that done!

Im hoping that with youth on my side that mother nature may befriend me and give me a helping hand!

Do you know if im allowed to exercise on this diet? Im planning on starting running as it is the only thing i like to do! i detest the gym but love jogging and running!

Anyway just wanted to say WELL DONE with the huge weight loss!
Thats brilliant and just spurs me on even more!

In terms of exercise my advice is toning / stretching / yoga / pilates / swimming as it helps to tone up the body.

I would avoid cardio work while on SS or 790 as you haven't got the instant energy to cope with it.

Hey looby,

I'm up for it if you are!

I'd like to lose 3stone by the time I married in August 2008. I'm a size 14 now but would like to be slimmer & toned by the time I have to walk down the aisle.

I too had a horrendous shopping experience a few weeks ago. I was really excited as it was the first time me, my mum & my sister had been together for 18months, and I'd booked an appointment at a shop. I'd done my hair & make-up, had been fake tanned and had lovely new underwear for the day as I was so scared about being half naked in front of them. The women treated me like I was the biggest fattest ugliest thing they'd ever seen and despite asking me to pick out the dresses I'd liked, wouldn't let me try any on!! They eventually found the two biggest dresses they had in the shop (which were size 16s) and got me into them before declaring in front of the whole shop, "it's no good, you need at least a size 20". :eek::eek:

I cried, I'm not sure if it was because I looked good in the dresses, or if it was the humilation!! :cry:

Anyway, one of the dresses I tried on was gorgeous, and I am now planning to buy over the internet from the USA at a fraction of the cost, I just have to decide what size to buy as it takes 6months to be made and shipped. There was no way in hell those old witches were getting any money off me!!!:D

I'm up for a slimming buddy if you are. As much as I'd like to do CD I don't think it's for me, so I'm going to try the slimming world & exercise approach.

Good luck!

Hey V,

Thats terrible cant believe they treated you like that!

I was only going to try dresses on to get an idea of what style and shape i wanted cos my auntie is a brilliant dress maker so she is making it anyway!

And she said she can make it within weeks before the wedding so ive got nearly a year to lose the weight!

Ive tried slimming world before and it is good but i would rather get the weight off quick then i can concentrate on maintaining it!

Im planning to do until christmas on sole source which means 5 months with no food but that doesnt bother me!
Then im going to move through the stages for the 7 months b4 the wedding!

When r u starting the slimming world?!

Im going to be doing some exercise as well!

Lou xx
I started going to slimming world meetings a while back and lost 10lbs in 4 weeks, however, my rota changed and I started being on-call on tuesdays (Slimming world night) so it became really difficult for me to go. I have since been really bad and put 3lbs back on.

The wedding dress buying experience has spurred me on to seriously knuckle down and get this damned weight off. I don't want to look back at my photo albums and see a dumpy miserable me, because that is exactly what will happen if I don't do this now.

Good on you for doing CD, I have looked into it. I'm in a pretty remote town up north, the nearest councillors are 40mins + away, so realistically it would be very hard to get to them every week. Also, I work long hours standing up, sometimes not getting to bed at all, and i would worry that without some kind of sustainance I'd be keeling over. And then I'd be no use at all!

It is still going to be difficult for me to go to SW meetings, but I have all the books and a decent set of scales at home, and if I MAKE MYSELF weigh in on here every week then I suppose that is half the battle. Mind you, I'll be really jealous when you are loosing tons of weight really quickly!
Hey V

Im sure you will do great on the slimming world!
I dont think it matters what diet you do as long as you are determined and you stick to it!!
I may lose weight really quickly on it but it will still be a challenge to maintain the weight but im hoping that with 7 month to go and 5 stone off i will be able to do it!!
If you dont mind me asking how much do you need to lose?
Im currently about 15 st and a size 16-18. About 3 years ago i was a size 10 and weighed about 10st. Then i went to live in Australia for a year and a half and piled about 3 stone on!
Then when me and my other half came back we moved back into our house and started trying for a baby!
While i was pregnant i put on about 3 stone and then lost a stone when i had my little girl!
Ive been so busy with Ella that i havent had much time to concentrat on myself but now its time to kick my butt into place and with 5 stone to lose and only a year to go it seems like this is the diet for me!!

Do you have any children?

Lou xx
No children I'm afraid, well, not of the human variety. Have 2 cats, a dog and a horse though.

I currently weigh 13st 3lbs (literally just been on the scales) and am a size 14, but would like to get to about 10stone ish. Under the blubber there is quite a bit of muscle as I ride a lot, and so if I can just shift my fat suit I believe there's a trim person underneath.

My fiance likes my curviness (or at least that's what he says) and I do have quite big boobs & ass which I want to keep to an extent. I want to get my trim tummy back, and tone my thighs and arms, and then I'll be happy. I think if I can't do it for my wedding, then I'll never do it. And it's not really fair on my fiance - signing up to spend the rest of his life with someone who is at risk of heart disease, arthritis, stroke & diabetes.

God, that got a bit deep! Anyways, when do you start CD? We will have to support each other, as I don't know about you, but I need a kick up the ass sometimes.

Vic xx
well ive just got the one baby whos nearly 10 month!
Shes called Ella Faith.
I started CD yesterday so im on day 2 now!
Yesterday went well i didnt have to think about what was having for dinner or tea so it was ok!
Woke with a bit of headache so going to drink about a litre of water before i have my shake!
trying to have my shakes as late as possible then i feel like im having something later!
Going to have one about half ten then half 3 then about 8ish!
And drinking about 5 litres of :tear_drop: a day 2!!!:eek::eek:
Sounds a lot i know but its feeling manageable at the moment!

I know what you mean tho i need a kick up the ass sumtimes as well!!

So your doing the SW from home?!

When you going to start it?!
I actually liked the SW diet as it didnt feel as restricted as some diets and with your syns you could still have a treat!!
Hi people :) ive just started the CD yesterday and looby i get married 5th July 2008 and want to be down to 13 stone by then so wanna lose about 6 stone which i dont know if it's possible as i cant SS but it's nice to have people starting around the same time as me. How did your first week go? hugs xx

Oooh and thats just terrible the experience you had in the dress hop, i'm a size 18/20 at the mo and they were lovely with me in the shop so they should NEVER be able to use size as an excuse that's just ridiculous, i'm sure you'll look absolutely fabulous on your big day :) xx

Sorry i have been on holiday my H2B booked it as a surprise so i am now starting officially 2moro as i have no other commitments until christmas!!
Why cant you sole source??!!

ive got 5 1/2 stone to lose now b4 26th july next year so am hoping i can stick to this!!

Ive also joined the xmas challenge to lose 3 stone b4 xmas so cant wait for that!!!

I am dtermined not to be the fat one at xmas and on my wedding photos

NO WAY!!!!:cry: :cry:

Let me know how your getting on?!!
Hi Looby, aww that's so lovely that your h2b took you away :) And well done and good luck on restarting CD. You WILL look amazing on your wedding day and that weight loss is VERY achievable by july!!!!! How are the wedding plans coming along?
14 June 2008 Wedding Day 4 stone to lose

Hi Loobyloo

Thought I would register and chat to you as I too have booked my wedding for 14 June 2008. I decided to go along and meet with a CDC yesterday so today will be my first day. I am lying in bed just now reading the forums, but going to get up and make my first shake for the first time. I am also a bit scared as I dont know what to expect.

Suzie WongX

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