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3rd weigh in STS totally gutted :-(

I had my 3rd weigh in today, I'm doing ss I havnt cheated & have been drinking lots of water & doing lots of walking & I stayed the same, to say I'm gutted is an understatement! How can anyone my size loose nothing on so little calories :-(
I feel like I've wasted my money & the only thing keeping me going is I've got 2 weeks+ supply left! the thing that is making me more upset is I am so in the zone to do this & know I need to do it for my health! I want my bmi to go down more than anything :confused:
I just don't get it & can't stop crying :-(
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don't get yourself down Eka week 2 and 3 are notorious for ruffling our feathers... it's just your body saying "what on earth is going on? i need to try and keep hold of this small amount of fuel i am getting"

i promise it will even out... i was told this and i didn't believe it but the past 3 weeks i feel i have had naff weigh in's at 2, 3 and 3 but this week i got 6lbs off!

please don't let it bring you down Eka, the body is a funny thing but you are going a fabulous job - u lost 1 STONE in 2 weeks! ofcourse your bod is gonna panic a bit :)

keep going you are doing amazing :)
is it your time of the month? had you had loads to drink just before you went?

even if there are no 'reasons', you are losing weight - no question. you know it logically: there's no way you can be consuming so little and not burning excess fuel. it just didn't register on the scales this week.

another way of looking at it: would you have been happy with a 4lb loss this week? because after two weeks you'd lost about three lbs more than me, and loads of other people (strictly SSing) too. i'm reliably informed that just about everywomans's weightloss evens out at 3lbs a week - which means some weeks it'll be much less. I have a friend who, towards the end of her journey on lighter life, stayed the same four weeks in a row - she hadn't been cheating at all! How dispiriting that must've been. But in the end the scales started dropping again.

Me, I only lost a pound last week. it's just how it goes sometimes. But i know it's upsetting. Chin up, sweetie. you can do it!
Thanks girls, I feel much better now I've had time to calm down lol
I have my next weigh in 9 days time so fingers crossed for a good loss!!
STS or small loss in week 3 is very common. It's your body adjusting. Next weigh-in will have you smiling again1
My third week I stayed the same. Which was a bit disappointing alhough I hadn't been perfect. But if you take your overall loss in three weeks of a stone that's very good. And I agree your body will be adjusting to losing a stone in two weeks. That's great!!
Thanks girls :) makes me feel lots better xxx

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