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Would you recommend Exante over Lighter Life? Do you have to visit a counsellor or can you just order yourself online and get started ASAP?
Happy New Year. And congratulations on the loss. Amazing!
Fab. Thank you.
Ordered on 31st Dec. Fingers crossed my first month's supply arrives early next week.
How long do you think it will take me to lose 2 stone? Would love to before my birthday on 29th March....
Hey JHB2010 - I answered your question about your birthday goal in the other thread but just in case: On a TFR diet the average weight loss in one stone per month for women.

I don't know what Solution you'll be following with Exante but if it is the Total Solution then you are almost guaranteed to make your goal by your birthday :)

rbx :rainbow:
You're very welcome :) Always happy to help

rbx :rainbow:
I have another quick question? Can I drink tea with skimmed milk on Total? And the occasional can of diet coke as a treat? I love both of these things. The water is no problem but I need a cup of tea to wake me up in the morning?
Fingers crossed my bumper packs arrive tomorrow. Ordered on Thursday so hopefully the Bank Holidays etc haven't played too much havoc with the postal system. Have been really restricting carbs and upping water intake since 1st anyhow.....just to prepare myself.
As Total Solution is a TFR and therefore the same as Lipotrim I'm going to say no - you're not allowed any type of milk and you're not allowed diet coke either I'm afraid.

Apparently either of those things can stop you going into ketosis or even worse, they can bring out of ketosis once you've finally developed your ketones.

It's really up to you. TFR isn't the law but it is a diet that you are choosing to do. I know it can be super hard when all you can drink is water, black tea and coffee but I know that for me the thought of coming out of ketosis once I'm already in it is scary enough to keep me off the milk (and I'm like you - I need my cup of tea to function.)

When I was on LT I learned to like black coffee and peppermint and nettle teas. They're not great at first but they're a heck of an alternative to water :)

Sorry I couldn't give you the answer you wanted honey.

Oh drat! I thought as much - it operates on the same rules as Atkins. Oh well, I'll just have to get some tasty coffee for the cafetierre and make it feel like more of a treat.
Thank you RB

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