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4 poxy pounds??? your joking right?


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ok, so started last Friday, so thought i would weigh in at home today....4lbs off!
I have dropped from a 14 back into a 12 so i know the size is reducing, but surely the weight should be too!!?!?!?

When i got to 11 stone last time, i was a tiny size 10....so now i'm 13 7 and a size 12!

When i get down to 11 stone (or 10 and a half as i want) then where is all this weight going to come from?

Feeling really disappointed and quite frankly, p*ssed off!

400 cals a day and i lose what i could have lost on WW/SW with exercise!?!?!?!

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Don't be too upset its still 4lbs which is an excellent weight loss :), a lot of factors can affect your weight loss, normally first week is majority water, so you may find you are retaining water but did actually lose fat?
Coming up to a period also can affect weight loss, it does for me!

So keep on doin it we all know it does work and for me its the only diet I can do that stops me from feeling hungry benefits all round I say.
I have dropped from a 14 back into a 12 so i know the size is reducing, but surely the weight should be too!!?!?!?

Sorry you are peeved with your weight loss, but weight is only one measure of success. You have obviously been very successful with inch loss - which I think is much more important. Chin up 0 you are doing well!!!


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I think 4lbs is a good loss.

Look at my losses, I am happy with them because they are consistent losses. I would rather lose a minimum of 3lbs a week than have a big loss one week, then STS the next week, and only lose 1lb the following week. Plus, I know I don't have that much to lose now, which is probably why I am not getting big weekly losses.

Another great thing about Cambridge is that there is no need to exercise. When I was on Slim Fast I followed the plan 100% and exercised for 30 mins nearly everyday, and in some weeks I still didn't lose more than 2lbs, sometimes I STS and some weeks I gained weight! At least with Cambridge I don't need to exercise and know I'm going to lose weight if I stick to it 100%.


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What were you doing before your restart though, hun? You only get big losses in the first week if you were troughing down lots of carbs the week before - and what that actually means is that around 5-6 pounds of that big loss is water loss.

If you were still restricting calories or carbs the week before your restart, you wouldn't get that water loss component. The good news is that means your 4 pound loss was probably mainly fat!

But even if you weren't, 4 pounds is still pretty good. I only lost 6 pounds the first week of my restart and I weighed a fair bit more than you. But I lost 5 pounds the second week. :) Chances are you'll have another 4 pound loss next week (or maybe more!). You wouldn't get that on WW!
is this week one? if it is and you were dieting before the water weight that we often lose in week one would already be gone for you, and 4 lbs is an excellent amount to lose, and cd promises 12 to 14 lbs per month on SS so you are well on target for that

I would think that even with a lot of exercise it would be a push to lose 4lbs per week on WW's but with cd this figure is very achievable consistently

Dont be disheartened, its great that you are already noticing it in your clothes and surely size is more important that the actual numbers on the scales
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Have you seen what a 4lb blob of fat looks like, my CDC has fake blobs of fat and I tell you the 4lbs is a huge beast that you dont want to carry round with you, it is a good loss hon x

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