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4 stone loss, pics in profile album


Was born to shop
Hi all,

Am now only 3lbs away from my target and have put my before and after pics in my profile.

It's funny how I never really noticed much of a difference until I saw the pics!

Lost just over 2 stone last year with cd and cal couting, and nrly 2 stone this year with SW.

Never thought I would come this far :D

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wow well done you look brilliant, even your skin is glowing x


Was born to shop
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments guys :D

This site has really helped me to stick with the plan and stay motivated.

You really are an inspiration! I lost two stone with CD and maintained for a year and a half and then joined SW in February - definitely prefer SW to CD!!!!

You look absolutely fab!

Well done!

Christine xx


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You look fantastic, well done! I wish I'd taken 'before' pictures but at the time I hid from the camera, and didn't actually believe I'd be able to lose much weight.


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Wow wow wow wow wow! What a huge difference! You look soooo healthy and glowing now! Truly beautiful! Well done!


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You look wonderful! Hardly the same girl at all! Could I just ask please, have you noticed a big change in your legs? All the success stories show photos with folk in jeans/long skirts, and I really hate my legs and would be distraught if I end up with a good figure and my original legs.


Was born to shop
Thanks guys :D

I do feel so much better and have loads more confidence now :D

Judi, not to be the bearer of bad news here (lol), my legs (especially my thighs) are not great, they are quite wobbly and chunky still, so I may get to the gym and see if they can work any miracles on the ole thunder thighs ;) :D
WOW well done i would love to lose 2 stone...but i am finding it so hard with sw...I cant get my head around food optimising still in my 1st month...had alot going on though...i find i lose weight on ww but i get so hungry...but on sw in my 1st week only lost 1/2 pound and it just kinda depressed me and made me feel like giving up...i'm not too keen on our consultant...she made me feel like i'd failed as i shouldve had a better result in my first week...


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Amazing transformation! Well done on the astounding weight loss!


Was born to shop
Hi Bex,

SW is a bit complex at first, but when it clicks into place you will be flying, honestly.

I tried WW a while ago but couldnt get my head round counting points all the time and keeping track.

Stick with it and then it will just become a way of life, I dont really see it as dieting anymore as I can pretty much have whatver I like on it.

Dont be too disheartend.

Are you on your 2nd week now?